Haven't posted much recently as not much to post. wasn't good over Christmas and new year then got back on it in January. however despite sticking to my calorie goals giving up alcohol, chocolate, keeping sugar to a minimum and same with white carbs I haven't lost an ounce. I also run 3 times a week and do yoga. feeling like it's not worth the effort.


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  • Morning Linda_pink

    It can be hard some time when your doing everything right and the scales don't show it. Have you taken any measurements? Some times when the scales don't move the tape measure shows inches/cms lost can be very motivating. Why not join the February challenges in the pinned post to give you and boost and get those scales moving again.

    On a positive side you have not gained but maintained over Christmas and the new year.

    Have a good week


  • Measurements not changed either x haven't decided what to do next x ty for the support x x

  • Don't give up ... You can do this 🌻

    It sounds like it's time to shake things up, do you still weigh your food? It's tempting once you've been calorie counting for a while to 'eyeball' rather than weigh, portion distortion is a tricky thing and it's easy to eat more than you think you are ... A trap I easily fell into!

    Sending you positive vibes ... For me it's a lot to do with a positive outlook and grit and determination to succeed. Have a good week 🌺

  • I would agree with this Linda_pink 😕 I have really struggled recently but having gone back to basics the scales are finally moving ☺

    The re-boot challenge may help, just repeating the 12 week plan ☺

    Good luck

  • Thanks for the advice x x

  • Have you tried focussing on the things you can enjoy that don't overstimulate your appetite or fat storage hormones Linda_pink, like double cream, cheese, guacamole, nuts, olive oil, eggs...?

  • Ah Linda_pink - don't give up..... you can do it, you lost weight and can continue to do so. Just put it down as a bad hair day and carry on tomorrow. It's easy to give in, but it takes a strong woman like you to continue ;)

  • Hi, this is a pain, isn't it, and rather a mystery. You didn't say what your calorie allowance is, or your height/weight/age, but I wonder if perhaps you have set a calorie allowance that is too high for your particular situation? Either that, or are you accidentally eating more than you think, eg by guessing portion sizes and weights rather than weighing and measuring on the kitchen scales?

    If you have tried seriously to lose weight throughout January, and have not shifted any weight at all, then maybe the diet regime you are on is not well-suited to you. Could you try a different sort of plan? Eg, if you've been "low carbing", moving to calorie counting where everything you eat is counted might work better because it's harder to accidentally eat too much without noticing. Or the other way round - if you're trying to count cals and it's all a bit frustrating and boring, then maybe doing the low carb plan will help as you haven't got to keep such a strict tally of your intake, and you'll be completely off a lot of the foods that many dieters find most difficult to control.

    I hope these suggestions are of some help. If it's any comfort, there will be a solution to this. There is nobody in existence who won't lose weight if they consume fewer calories than they burn off, it's a basic law of nature! So you can lose weight - it's just finding the way that works for you. The current diet might have failed, but you certainly haven't because you are still looking for a solution.


  • Ty for all the advice x taking time and reading lots looking at how I can go forward. Had a few days off thinking about food. Not eaten too bad. Many years of yoyo dieting haven't helped my situation. The bmi checker puts my bmi at 30 so obese. It says my cals should be between around 1800 to 2100 but I feel this is far too much for me to lose weight. My fitness pal has set my cals at 1200!! Go figure. No wonder people give up lol

  • I'd suggest going for 1500 cals a day. Count them very strictly and don;t go over. At the end of the week, if you have lost weight, stick to 1500 cals a day going forwards. As long as you lose around 1lb a week you will be doing marvellously well. If you don't lose weight on 1500 cals, or lose less than 1lb a week, try 1400, 1300, 1200 etc. until you find the level at which you can lose about 1lb a week.

    When you're at your target, you can gradually increasing your daily allowance until you find the level at which you maintain your weight.

    If you are in the obese category, then I am pretty sure that 1500 cals will start the weight going off, and won't leave you feeling hungry and deprived. You can always cut back further as you get nearer your target and the weight loss slows down.

    All the best.

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