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Quiet week

Three quarters of a pound off today - not much but in the right direction.

However have recalculated my BMI - that has reduced from 46.7 down to 40.2 with the 2st 8lbs I've lost in total so that's got to be a good thing for my health

Also recalculated my calorie allowance which is now 1601 - 2059 per day - time to tighten the reins a little and play around the bottom end of that range to see what I can do this week

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That's a fantastic improvement in your bmi Annabelle_Bebbs ☺ very well done ☺

I wouldn't worry about trying to keep to the lower amount, if you are losing weight I would always eat as much as you can ☺

Have you been using a tape measure? This is very rewarding too ☺

Best wishes


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Well done ... All in the right direction 🌷

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