Any idea anyone if the NHS still do vouchers for weight loss with slimming world or weight watchers?

I lost weight with weight watchers about 3 years ago but sadly have put weight back on I totally lack motivation to do it on my own and was considering slimming world this time. I'm in awe of you all on this site who loose weight with each other's support.

Never posted on here before but thanks in advance of any replies 😄😄


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  • Have a look at the NHS 12 week weight loss plan ... It's really good AND free! The support on here is amazing 🌼

  • You won't be on your own if you come on this site with us.... always someone here to give advice and support when u need it.. and you can always join the weighin on a Sunday as well for extra motivation.. (I'm sure admin will correct me if there isn't a space left)...

    😆WELCOME 😆

  • Definitely ask your doctor about it! I was told this was being stopped as of April 2017 but I definitely benefited from the 12 free weeks you get.

    If they don't still do it then have a good look at this site as I find it far more supportive than the SW groups :)

  • And we're here all the time, not just once a week, and you can join in one of the weekly weigh-ins. What's not to like? 😊

  • My understanding is that it depends on funding in your area. Your NHS area may do them, I know my area doesn't any more.

    Come and join us whatever happens. I have found everyone so friendly and helpful - and as has been said, we're here all the time.

  • Thank you you are all so kind xxx

  • I went to the drs early this year and they offered me a 12 weeks free referral to weight watchers or to join a local weight loss course run by dieticians. It Is worth going to see them. Hope this helps.

  • My friend got help from the doctor a few years ago, it was a diet that consisted of just drinks everyday, it was monitored by a nurse but I don't know what it was called. def wasn't any of the weightwatchers etc. It was done and controlled at the doctors clinic. I don't know if it is still running but maybe you could enquire about it.

  • Hi welcome I've done all the club's diets and anything else you can think of but finding this forum last August was the best thing for weight loss I have ever done the support encouragement advice reading all about success stories wills you on to succeed it's like you have support not far away 24/7 even the funny thing it will keep you positive I believe a positive mind will be a rewarding one and when weight starts to come off you will feel great 😀

  • I live in Exeter Devon and our local GP's issue SW vouchers

  • I dont know about the NHS but I have got 16 free weeks with Weight Watchers through our county council I don't know if every council does it we are in Hampshire To qualify you must have a BMI of over 30

    Good luck 😉

  • I live in Essex and was given vouchers for SW. I lost 7lbs in the twelve weeks the same as I had lost in the previous month on my own. A relative of mine also got vouchers from her GP, same post code area as me. She lost 5 stones in about 18 months. She had repeat vouchers because she had a lot to lose and was doing so well. No harm in asking. However this is the best place to be for me, support 24/7 and no fees, what's not to like? Wishing you all the best on your journey.

  • Yes i was offered but i don't like groups so i have the slimming world books. i have now joined the facebook groups one which is called slimming world from home which i find really good. I also watch you tube videos of people who are doing slimming world where i pick up a lot of hints and tips.

  • It may depend which borough you live in. I work and live in Croydon and can access 12 weeks free ww vua mmt GP as my BMI is over 30. Also local football Fitter Fans programmes offer 12 week weight loss. I'm on the Chrystal Palace fitter fans Move it Loose it programme and lost 5lb so far but I yo yo like crazier. Been trying to loose a stone since 31st October. .up and down but now I's going one way. Hopefully. Ask your GP. .if no joy ask your local football club..they have charitits associate ithching the club that support the local population so it's not all about highly paid footballers after all. Good luck.

  • Thank you all so much for all your replies I have found out the vouchers are no longer available here in Walsall 🤔🤔🤔

  • You'll just have to join us then Silverlady5, as everybody else has said, it's free with 24/7 support. Take some time to look at the posts on here. You'll learn a lot and probably have a laugh along the way, I find this forum far more supportive than any slimming class I have ever been to.😀

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