Digestive/Oreo thins

Has anyone tried these biscuits? For those of you who don't know what I'm on about, digestive and oreo have released thinner versions of their biscuits which are ~31kcal each.

I'm really not sure about them! I got excited and bought a pack of oreos, digestive and dark chocolate digestive but they are sort of addictive and it's hard to resist more.

Obviously they're aimed at people watching what they're eating but I'm just not sure on them! I've read some people saying they love them and others saying they taste nothing like the originals (they taste exactly the same to me).


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7 Replies

  • Yes I have the Chocolate digestive, my sister treated me and now I have gained a pound this week!! I'm not happy but my own fault. There all gone now and never to come again but was lovely, lol.

  • This is my fear haha! I have 3 boxes to get rid of, maybe I should just give them to the homeless :D

  • The thing with sugary stuff is if you like them you generally struggle to stop at one :(

  • I'm with Fitforit75.... we have no biscuits in the house, therefore no temptation. Yup, I know, I'm boring!!!!

  • We have biscuits, cakes etc in the house but I manage to psych myself from eating any. I have some Aldi dark sea salt chocolate bars in when I want chocolate about 130 calls a bar and I break them up to tiny pieces and savour each piece where as I used to devour a galaxy bar in seconds flat so didn't really appreciate the taste. My daughter loves oreo's so may get her a pack to try.

  • Mmmm, I bought some of the sea salt Aldi chocolate. Sounds wrong but it isn't!! Hubby got me the thin digestives. Looks like a digestive until you turn it sideways. Reminds me of Mavis Cruet in Willow the Wisp when she wanted to be thin. (May be showing my age with that reference!!!) Xx

  • That sounds pretty low calorie for chocolate though Itsbab! It's fine in moderation and like you say, you aren't devouring a full bar at once so it's good to have the balance :) I'll have to try it!

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