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Goodnews not so Goodnews😕

Good morning goodnews bad news!!good news last week 13stone this week 1lb weight loss so that takes me into the 12 stone mark something I never even thought would happen but I'm determined ...now for the bad news is had a niggling pain in my upper side stich like feeling thought it was may be down to my body adjustings to my weight loss exercising not in pain to be honest but as i work in an imaging department I had a colleague scan me after fasting yes I have gall stones. ...could I have had them before who knows people have them and don't know I was a likely person to get them anyway obesity over weight poor diet also weight loss to quickly is another but to be fair I've eaten sensibly probably not enough fat! I was told ....but as I said I'm not doubled over in pain hope I don't get that way probably not eating spicy food or high fat good has helped so I think I just monitor read about apple cider vinegar might give that a little research any advice or tips to keeps these stones under control

However not going to be put off I'm going to achieve my goal . Hope your all having a good week 😀😀😀😀

Onwards and Downwards

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I know nothing about gall stones, but just wanted to say.............. WWWOOOOOOOHOOOOOO the 12's !!! Well done you! There is nothing as satisying as going down a number. Amazing job.

I do hope you get the medical side sorted.

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Firstly, whoop Whoop in the 12s ☺☺☺

Secondly, I had gallstones and very low fat diet sorted me out, cheese in particular was an issue, I've had no symptons since ☺

Good luck


Thanks Anna I'm suffering however I like my yogurts though low fat Im not sure if these are irrating me to be honest had a lot less over Xmas no irration but last 2 weeks niggling again so might miss them for a couple of days 😀


Well done on losing that lb and being in the 12's 🎉🎉 hope everything settles down 🌻


Another milestone.. Well done you. I hope the stones settle down and don't cause you too much pain inbetween.


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