So far I've lost 6 stone

Hi all I started my healthy changes April 2016, in less than a year I've lost 6stone, I started at 18.7 stone and now I'm a much healthier 12.7 stone according to the nhs I have another 3stone to loose, personally I'd be happy with one more stone, I'm finding it really hard now to lose anything I just seem to be maintaining now, any advice?


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10 Replies

  • First of all, wow! And wow again! You have done so well. You are an inspiration to all those others just starting out this year. Someone else better qualified might be able to advise you on how to keep getting the weight off. My own tip would be to try something different to kick start the weight loss into action again. I have started doing the 5:2 for a few weeks to keep mine moving down, but I am sure others will come up with other suggestions which might suit you better. Do keep going though, and don't be satisfied with a job half done! Of course you look better than you did, but your journey isn't over until you reach your final destination. 😊

  • I love that " don't be satisfied with a job half done!"

  • Wow congratulations on your wright loss I've just loss 4 stone and I does get slow in the end I've got another stone and a half and NHS would tell me I've got 3 and a half stone to lose.......I'm going to keep on even if it a half lb a week bet you feel amazing now if I was told you can't lose anymore I would be happy but I just want to get under 12 stone even if it 11st 13lb!!lol good luck on your last stone and remember you have done fantastic 😀😀😀😀

  • Congratulations! You are very inspiring!

  • Wow - well done you! That's very impressive! Take time to remember how far you've already come. :) You've done an amazing job, fantastic! ♥

    I've lost over 4 stone so far and I have less than a stone to go before I reach my healthy BMI and I understand that it does get more difficult as we get nearer to a healthy weight. Our bodies are not as willing to give up that fat haha but I think the trick is to be very mindful of what you consume, sometimes you need to be quite strict and remember why you're doing this. I sort of forgot my reasons as I got thinner so I took some time to really think about what I wanted from my journey. Maybe have some reflection time and write down some new goals, not all of them need to be about weight loss. Personally I think some fitness goals helps to take my mind off weight loss while doing something that is helping me to keep fit and look good.

    Increasing activity levels while still eating good healthy food will help you burn energy quicker and for longer - this will help you lose weight if you keep to a sensible eating plan!

    Good luck and let us know how you get on. :)

    Sazkia ♥

  • Hi Michellewast well done you.. what an inspiration you are. 🎉🎉

    Maybe the post from LessToLose might help to adjust the calories your having.. (was about 7 months ago about how you can eat more to loose more... a really good post).. It might help you move this next chapter forwards?

    Wishing you great success.

  • Hi Michelle, great to read your story, 6 STONE! 'softly..softly. catchee 'monkey' - fantastico. Not long now to April, i wonder how many dress sizes youve disowned, 😲 Gill

  • Hey, Michelle, let your 'body' tell you when enough is enough and youve reached your target weight :)

  • Not sure about that, ary88. For many of us our bodies tell us all sorts of fibs, otherwise we wouldn't be here in the first place!

  • You have done so well it's an amazing weight loss 😉

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