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Need to get in shape!

Need to get in shape!

Hi I'm (or at least hope to be) Gymboy. Last year (may) I weighed 242 pounds and I look very fat as I'm only 5ft10. Last year I joined a Facebook slimming group which helped me drop 30lbs in time for a activity driven holiday with my in laws (centreparcs) her side is very sporty. I have tried to continue and I am now out of the obese body size and now just good old over weight. I now weigh 206lbs but I want to get down to 185lb as this would put me in the healthy category. I want to create a healthy lifestyle for myself so that when my little girl 3 Izzy grows up she sees fitness as a normal part of every day.

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Hi Gymboy :)

Good goals, very realistic and sensible. I like that you want to be a good role model for your daughter, that's incredibly important as it will help Izzy develop into a healthy and happy young lady. :) It's so important to see our parents leading the way and being such positive examples. Well done, my friend. :)

Also, it is great that your wife's side of the family are into fitness - they have been a good example and inspiration for you and I am sure they will also help your daughter to realise how fitness is so important.

This forum is brilliant for support and advice. However, to get the real benefit it means being active. Use it and I'm sure you'll experience this for yourself. We'll cheer you on, pat you on the back and provide encouragement. We're a good lot really. Enjoy being here. :)

Take care and good luck! :)



Thank you very much sazkia I plan on doing exactly as you say and keep active and make small but constant changes in my life. This way I won't give up as major changes are always hard to stick to long term. Wish you all the best with all your goals too 😀


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