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Heading the right direction :)

Well month 1 done and I am 2.3kg lighter slightly less than my target of 2.5kg but I have to confess I've not been trying very hard, and I had a chocolate binge day. I am however keen to do better in February, and, I am going to try and increase the amount of exercise I do this month. I know that when I exercise I feel better but making that step from couch to Pool or Gym is not easy for me. My mental health issues make every step I take like climbing a mountain but I will take each step and I know that my progress will be slow. I keep remembering that each journey starts with a single step and I have taken that first step and feel so much better for it.

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Very well done LindaJR ☺ that is a perfect amount of weight to lose ☺

Have you joined in one of the daily weigh-in groups yet? There are spaces in today's ☺

Also did you see the two February challenges, TheJuggler is running February Foray into Fitness and Itsbab is running a weight loss challenge ☺

Best wishes



That's a brilliant,healthy weight loss in a month. If you put it into pounds it's just under 6lb. Does that sound better? If you do that every month you'd have lost 72lbs by the end of the year!

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