Want to loose 2 Stone, have had eating disorder & extremely fussy eater

Want to loose 2 Stone, have had eating disorder & extremely fussy eater

Hello everyone,

Well I have just joined the group today and I am looking at loosing 2 stone ideally by my birthday in June. I am extremely unhappy with my body and the way I look. I am a size 10 top and size 12 bottom and typical pear shape but to me my bottom looks the size of a massive peach x 100! I have had bullemia in the past and I am an extremely fussy eater! I don't eat veg and basically live off pasta and sometimes meat. I exercise 3 times a week sometimes more and try and walk 8000 - 10000 everyday but I personally feel like I have put on weight. I am looking for some help and support to help shift the weight and tone up.


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12 Replies

  • You look great, stay just as you are

  • I have to be honest Megan Jane, but you don't need to lose two stone. Size 10-12 is not massive by anyone's standards. You say you have had an eating disorder in the past. To me it would be unhealthy for you to try and lose two stone. It might be helpful for you to see a dietician about your eating habits. People on this forum are always very helpful and supportive and I would be interested to hear what admin have to say. I hope you will not mind me being upfront with you and saying what I think.

  • Hi MeganJane and welcome.

    Judging from your photo you don't look like someone who should lose 2 stone, your collarbones are very visible. What is your BMI? I'm asking because you have a history of an eating disorder, and perhaps you need a reality check if you feel overweight but aren't.

    But changing your diet to healthier choices sounds like a good idea! Don't try to change everything at once, but introduce a vegetable that you don't find too repulsive and taste it five times in a week - you don't have to eat it, just taste. Your taste-buds will get used to it.

  • Good advice, IbenCopenhagen

  • Hello MeganJane1988 and welcome to the forum ☺

    You don't say how tall you are or what you weigh so it's not easy to judge if you need to lose weight. If you put your details in to the NHS BMI checker it will tell you if weight loss is necessary.

    However, eating properly is important for more than just weight loss, not least, health in general. With a history of eating disorders and poor body image it could be that rather than try to lose weight you could perhaps work on the underlying emotions and focus on attaining good eating habits ☺

    You already exercise regularly which is beneficial in lots of ways so well done for that ☺

    Very best wishes


  • You look amazing as you are xx

  • MeganJane1988 I agree with the others, you look lovely as you are, and with your history of eating disorders your perception of how you look may be different to how others see you.

    Let's take how you look out of the equation and consider health - what's your current BMI ? The healthy BMI range takes into account different musculoskeletal frames which are determined by your genetics, so the bottom end of a BMI range would really only suit someone with a very slender bone structure.

    I would discuss with your doctor before losing weight, focus on healthy eating for now

  • Hello everyone,

    Apologies for the late response been so busy at work!

    Firstly I would like to say thank you for all your kind words and support.

    I do agree that my eating disorder probably is a big factor to how I see myself compared to how others see me. I am a typical pear shape so small on top but not so much on my bottom and thigh and legs area which is where I believe my weight is carried.

    I am going to try the BMI calculator now and I will let you know the outcome.

    Thank you again

  • Ok well I have just done the NHS BMI Calculator and it has told me I am overweight! (Not great for the body confidence side but never mind.

    I currently wear 10st 10 (I would like to point out I am a dancer so I do have quite big muscles) and I am 5ft 2 apparently to be healthy I need to be 7 st 6lb! How is that even possible? How accurate is the BMI?

  • Hi MeganJane,

    I'm also 5'2", and usually when I type into the NHS BMI calculator, it gives me a range. The upper range for me is around 10 stone, so I'm guessing the 7st6lbs figure is the lower range?

    There are a lot of flaws in BMI, it doesn't take into account things like muscle mass vs fat percentage. It's known to be an imperfect system so it's not really worth taking as gospel (I don't know if that's a controversial thing to say around here?) bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-212...

  • BMI can be useful tool to assess body weight but has been proven to be inneffective for those with a high muscle mass as the calculator does not distinguish between muscle and fat.

    You should perhaps have a discussion with your GP to ascertain a healthy weight for your individual height, sex, age and body type.

    Don't fret about your result on the BMI calculator.

  • Hi MeganJane1988

    You don't mention your age? I think you are looking at the lowest weight you could be. In order to have a healthy BMI your weight should be below the top number, which at your current weight (and this is me guessing from your pic you are in you late twenties - hope no offence caused :D ) and the fact that you are quite active, would mean you only need to lose just under a stone to have a healthy BMI. The NHS calculator normally suggests to work for somewhere in the middle of that range, so that you have a few pounds to play with, rather than teetering on the edge of the range.

    However it also clearly states that for those people suffering from an eating disorder, the BMI calculator does not apply. Therefore I would suggest you visit your GP and see what he/she suggests. Above all we want you to do this safely. Please come back to us when you are armed with this information and we will do our best to support you. Remember, none of us are medically trained, we only offer suggestions based on experience.

    Good luck :-)

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