Pregnant and bmi almost 25

Hi... I have been advised by my gp to lose 3kg in order to have a healthy pregnancy... i am 5ft 3 and weigh 10 stone so my bmi is 24, almost 25.

Any tips would be helpful? I do like fruit etc but it's knowing the right things to eat as I have read so much conflicting information. I was thinking of having a smoothie for breakfast, but then read this was bad... HELP!


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19 Replies

  • My understanding is BMI isn't suitable for pregnant women or athletes. By what standard your GP advised you to lose 3kg? I'm curious.

  • I have a neurological condition that becomes worse with weight gain.. my gp said weight gain is natural during pregnancy so if I lose 3kg now then I can afford to gain weight later in the pregnancy.. I am 9weeks now just.

  • I thought the same as Jane, I noticed the NHS 12 week plan says it's not suitable for children or pregnant women too. Can you ask for your midwife's perspective on the whole thing? Just thinking, because they deal specifically with monitoring mums and babies, and their development, maybe they would be able to give you more specific advice about what, if anything, you should do regarding weight loss. I personally found that I actually lost half a stone in the early stages of pregnancy. I'm purely guessing that was because I was burning more energy growing a baby but eating roughly the same amount of food. That said, I was limited for a while, in that I could only manage smaller amounts of bland stuff due to bad heartburn and feeling sick, so that might have had a hand in it too. Then after the early stages I still ate fairly normally and obviously gained pregnancy weight. I don't know your age, but inputting age 30 for your height says you could be 10 stone 2 and still be right at the top of your healthy weight range, so I wouldn't think it would be good for you and baby to go too mad on losing weight, but what do I know, everyone's circumstances are different and I'm not a professional. Personally I also found that I lost a good deal of baby weight fairly quickly while breastfeeding too. I think I'd defo get some more advice from a Midwife about it all, she might say it's ok to proceed, or she might say it's better to wait til after baby is born. Good luck. x

  • Thank u for such a great reply. I have had very bad sickness, so for all I know I have actually lost weight! I am 26, so it wouldn't be too far off. With my son I gained 10lb just, I really don't know how it was only that tho.. but I lost 2 stone with my daughter because I had terrible sickness.. but I was in and out of hospital with dehydration. I want to have a healthy pregnancy so I'm just worried that this condition (idiopathic intracranial hypertension, which is high fluid around my brain) will get worse with weight gain. I don't think the gp meant go and do it, but she just suggested it because of the condition. I am at hospital every 2 weeks so I can ask when I next go up. I also do want to get healthier anyway, not even for weight loss but but so the baby gets all the vitamins and minerals too.

  • There you go, you may actually be a bit lighter than you think you are, eh! You could even ask them to weigh you at the hospital, just out of curiosity, if you think it would set your mind at rest a bit. I reckon that as long as you are making sure to get plenty of veggies and fruit in, all should be fairly well? I was never a huge fan of fruit but I did make sure to take an apple and orange to work every day which I added to my normal packed lunch. I think most fruits and veggies are so low in calories that even if you ate fairly normally and just added a couple of extra veggies or fruits to the mix that would surely help. I always ate plenty of veggies but as I say, I did make sure to add a couple of fruits every day as well, and just really try to keep my diet balanced, cheese, meat, fish and dairy etc not over-eaten, but not totally skimped on either. I'd think if you ask at the hospital they can point you in the right direction on what you should eat and in what proportions, to stay healthy within your condition, so don't be afraid to ask for some advice - they want you and baby to be healthy too, I'm sure! x

  • Thanks again! Will check in the morning to see if there is any change! I never thought to check before. Sure if I am being healthy then it doesn't matter what I weigh? I'll see what happens when I am at hospital again in 2 weeks anyway x

  • hi. just wanted to say good luck with your pregnancy but with regards to losing weight... I really dont feel comfortable giving any advice on weight loss during pregnancy... sorry..

  • Thank u Claz

  • Hello perhaps you should see if your gp has any suggestions to help you lose the weight or speak to your midwife.

  • That's a good idea, I didn't even think of that! I will ask when I go up next month. Thank u.

  • Hello Arm2702 and welcome to the weight loss forum ☺

    I agree with everything that has been said, and more importantly I think you know yourself and your body better than anyone ☺ Obviously your GP has your best interests at heart, but midwives will have more experience and knowledge of your condition and previous pregnancy history.

    Eating for health is always good, and its not complicated, but isn't easy if you are battling morning sickness, tiredness, two other children and then this added anxiety 😕 I personally wouldn't wait until the hospital appointment, I would speak to a midwife or your health visitor.

    I'm also going to tag isou7000 as she has more recent experience of pregnancy than me. ☺

    Very best wishes


  • Thank you Anna... I will ring the gp and make an appointment with the community midwife!

  • General advice is not to try to lose weight while pregnant. A BMI of 24 is fine. I'd ask the midwife and the obstetrician as I figure you'll be under consultant care. Problems are more likely if you're overweight and I know nothing about idiopathic intercranial hypertension except little things I've overheard. If you lose weight through nausea/healthy eating then so be it- and it is actually really common. Good luck and try to enjoy your pregnancy!

  • Aww thank you for ur reply.. I weighed myself and I have actually lost 4lb 😂

  • Normally dieting isn't advised when pregnant. My BMI was 31 when pregnant. They didn't tell me to loose weight. I started eating healthier and I lost weight myself anyway whilst pregnant but they made it clear cutting calories wasn't the right thing to do when pregnant as could be more harmful than good.

    Hope you have a good pregnancy!

  • I don't know why my gp even said this, she's been my gp for about 12/13 years and I don't think she meant it in a malicious way, it was probably cos I l n had a rough time with the last pregnancies! Thank u SC94

  • Hi, with my first pregnancy I was 10 stone 3lbs and am 5ft 3 in. Loosing weight was never discussed. It is infact expected and perfectly normal to put weight on during pregnancy. Eat healthily by all means but I would just mention it to your midwife.

    Congrats on the pregnancy!


  • Thanks Nicky! I'll mention it anyway, maybe there was a different reason the dr said it, I was just a bit shocked to question her lol

  • I would speak to your midwife or obstetrician first about the weight loss recommended by the GP- it needs to be a balance between your health needs and your childs.

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