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Real motivations for losing weight

After my gain this week, I'm struggling to find my get up and go.

So wanted to hear what people's main motivations for losing weight and keeping going is.

I know the ultimate goal is to be healthier etc etc etc. But I'm sure for a lot of people there was that trigger event/moment that made them shift a gear.

I had been talking (emphasis on the word talking) about trying to lose weight for many years, probably since I was like 16 - now 24! I somehow managed to stay the same weight/size for years, till I broke my ankle on holiday a couple of years ago, gained 1st through just not being able to get around and it's been a constant struggle ever since!

I went through the death of my granddad, my emotionally abusive/controlling partner splitting with me, the prospect of being homeless, potentially losing my job (which is still on-going) and some physical health issues preventing my beloved running, all in the space of 12 months last year.

Needless to say, I went through the grieve diet of eating more and putting on weight, the breakup diet of losing weight (most impressive was 7lbs in one week...) to coping with emotions by eating what ever I wanted as I went through the whole, no one else actually cares, so I don't care either.

Then came the holiday I booked in October - panic of not having lost anything for the holiday and the potential to look like a beached whale on the pool side. This came with my very slim friend announcing her annoyance of having to be beach body ready and the whole holiday spent bragging about how amazing her life, boyfriend, job etc etc is going, whilst I'm there like, I couldn't feel any smaller as a person or fatter if I tried!

So this ultimately sparked my goals. I'm on the thinking that I can't massively control what's already happened event wise, grief does some strange things to your body and emotions. I can't help that my ex is a bit of a jerk. I (largely) can't control whether I manage to find a new job in time.

But I can control my self esteem to some extent. It is difficult, after years of being made to feel like you'll never be good enough, it's not something that just flips if you've lost 7lbs. But I know my whole issues around my weight is a very big drain on me and I CAN do something about it. I'm getting tired of just talking about losing weight and still feeling down about what size I am and what I see.

Unfortunately in this day and age, we do pin a lot of our self happiness on looks. Losing weight for me in a sense is something I can control compared to many other things. I'm not losing weight for a revenge body (that will just be an added bonus to the process) or just to please someone else, I'm doing it for my self happiness.

I don't want to end up like my overweight mother who physically cannot do anything because of weight related physical problems. I will not be like my younger sister, who is fast following in my mother's foot steps. I don't want to be restricted when having kids, because I can't run around and chase after them. Also fed up of being the 'fat friend', not 100% sure why all my friends seem to be size 6-10s!

For me it's control and learning to like what you have, the satisfaction of knowing I've worked hard for what I have - which it will be hard work, because I adore food just a little too much! Weight loss isn't a straight downward line - still waiting for that magic, genuine NHS approved weight loss pill to be invented.... But I think it can teach (perhaps me at least) patience and to take responsibility for your actions.

So anyway, please don't think this was a pity post, I just love hearing about why people are on their journey, I think there is more to it than just wanting to lose weight and be healthier. There are reasons behind it, I believe anyway.

So please share, what is your main motivation for losing weight?

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For me it started out as being competitive!!! A few of my friends joined up to SW and I envied their growing confidence as they lost weight. I decided I wanted to do something for me ... The NHS 12 wwlp and MyFitnessPal have been a real eye opener as far as portion distortion goes ... Along with the amazing support and motivation on this forum ... Onwards and downwards 🌷

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There are so many. I often wonder why weight loss is so hard for me on one hand I have 100 reasons to lose weight and on the other hand the two reasons for not - laziness and a love of unhealthy foods. I wonder why the pull of sitting still and eating crisps is more powerful than the desire to fit into clothes that aren't from a plus size range, feel fitter and healthier, be a positive influence on my niece and nephew, avoid weight related health issues, become a mother, fit in a plane seat without an extra seat belt........

I try and visualize my life as a slimmer person. I am able to buy clothes that I like in any high street shop. Trying clothes on doesn't make me anxious and upset anymore. I am physically active and setting exercise goals working towards them achieving them and making new ones. My family are proud of me and not worried that I am going to die too young. I am proud of myself.

From my own experience I want to tell you that you need to try and be happy and overweight so you can be happy and slim. It doesn't just happen. I lost 10 stone once and looking back at pictures I was so slim I looked great but I was still so unhappy and I thought if I lose more weight the happiness will come but it didn't and then i pushed too hard fell off and somehow put all the 10 stone back on again. While I was putting the weight on I made other more positive changes which made me happy and I hope that if I can lose the weight again I will be able to enjoy it.

All the best (L) (L)


You raise some very valid points ClubW ☺ We need to like ourselves inside and out, and not be defined by the number ☺

I have a new found respect for my body and nowadays I treat it with respect, nourish it and look after it ☺ This way of life is not about denial its about positivity, and because I'm worth it ☺


My mother was overweight and every time she tried to get out of an armchair it was a struggle. I don't want to be like that. My friend told me that it is impossible to lose weight once you hit the menopause - I wanted to prove her wrong. I thought it was impossible for me to weigh less than 10 stone - I wanted to prove myself wrong.

So I suppose it's my bloody-mindedness that keeps me going. I can lose weight if I really want to. Just how much I really want to is down to me.


My motivation was to look and feel more healthy and energised ☺ pkus my sons wedding was 8 weeks away and the outfit was tight 😕

It was always going to have to be a permanent change, and I keep telling myself it's about the journey not just the destination ☺

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I tell myself my main reason is because diabetes runs in my family, and if I get to a healthy weight/make healthy lifestyle choices, I can hopefully delay the onset of it a little.

In reality, I'm also sick of being the fat friend. I have a lot of friends who look amazing who fill up my social media with how fat they are, how they need to diet, lots of self-derogatory stuff, and it just makes me feel ruddy awful about myself. Like if their size 10 body is "unacceptable" then people must be absolutely and utterly disgusted by my size 18/20 body. While I know this isn't true, and actually I don't look bad at all (beauty is in the eye of the beholder, blah blah blah) at the same time, the only real way to help stop feeling like this is to do something about it.

Also, the amount of times I see cute clothes and then the disappointment of "oh, it only goes up to a size 14 or 16". I have my own style, and I do love it, however, most of my awesome wardrobe I import from America or Australia, and that gets very expensive in postage and import tax :/ it would be nice to find awesome clothes here that fit.

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Well I can understand some of what your going through but your defiantely better of with your abbusive partner controlling you and probably taking advantage that your at low because off your weight I've always been the fat friend and although people where nice they always treated me the person girl ..although I'm a strong believer doesn't matter what size you are its within the person you are ..but personally I think when we lose weight we feel good look good and feel more confident looking back at pictures is a real encouragement I try and put a picture up of me it's not a look at me picture it's a YOU CAN DO IT PICTURE keep positive and once you start to lose weight it will make you more determined 😀


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