I don't see a difference

Today marks 4 weeks since I improved my diet and increased my activity. I feel great and have loads of energy, I'm really productive and happy but I don't look any different. I wasn't expecting to look much different in only 4 weeks but I have seen a lot of quotes etc such as "after 1 week you'll feel it, after 4 weeks you'll see it, after 8 weeks you'll hear it".

I don't see it!! I'm feeling slightly discouraged and I refuse to weigh myself until Friday, I usually do this on Tuesdays but swapped to the weigh in on Friday so I'm abit concerned about how much weight I have put on.

I just feel like I'm not eating well enough even though I stick to the calories down to the meal. I have my 5 a day and stay off of bread/pasta/potato if I'm feeling stuffy, I exercise LOADS and love it but I really struggle to drink enough water which is probably where I am failing.


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  • Yes that is my downfall not drinking enough water, but keeps trying because it does help with the bloated feeling. You will start seeing the difference soon, have you measured yourself? I think when we look in the mirror we always see ourselves bigger than we actually are. Keep at it and you will get there, never give up :-)

  • No I don't own a tape measure, I think I will buy one today actually!

  • Hi aliii, if I'm correct, you have lost weight in the first 3 weeks but cannot see any difference. I have also and I can't see any difference when I look in the mirror. What's more no one has pitched up and said that they've noticed anything. I know I've lost weight because the scales say so.

    You appear to be exercising well which is fantastic. That being the case, you may be converting fat to muscle which weighs more. Not a big deal... muscle on = good; fat gone = good.

    This is a long "game" for us. The body doesn't necessarily lose weight week after week but if you stick to what you were doing when you lost weight, it will continue to come off in the long run.

  • Hi. You say you feel energetic - isn't that good? I know you will be able to see the difference soon. Keep going, don't give up. Your body will be thanking you if you are eating more healthy food.

    Good luck 🤞

  • Keep up with positive thinking. You know that what you are doing is better for your body. There will be massive health benefits happening in all the systems of your body and it will start to show on the scales and in other people's eyes.

    I always drink from a 500ml water bottle so I know how much I drink. Also, flavour with a slice of lemon, cucumber, sprigs of mint etc to ring the changes. Always have a big cup of hot water and a slice of lemon first thing in the morning.

    Keep on keeping on!

  • Hello, you can have a distorted sense of how you look. Think about all the people very slim people around who think they are too fat, and all those very large people who are totally unaware that they have a weight problem. If you've lost weight at a sensible rate over 4 weeks, then you will be, I guess, around 8lbs lighter. Obviously how noticeable this is will depend on how heavy you are to start with - if it's your first 7lbs and you are a few stone overweight, it won;t notice as much as if you are 10lbs overweight and it's the lion's share of your weight problem.

    You have noticed a difference, though - you 've noticed that you feel great and have lots of energy. Well that is also a product of your improved diet and exercise. Are there any other signs, though - are waistbands looser, for example? I find my waistbands feel loose very quickly when I eat properly, and my clothes feel so much more comfortable.

    The fact is, if you ares cutting your calories below what you are burning off you will lose weight. Hopefully you'll get a nice suprise when you nect get on the scales.

  • Morning aliii 😊

    I'm sorry you are feeling despondent, on Friday you seemed happy with a slow and steady weight loss? 2 1/2 kilos in 4 weeks really is perfect 😊 It's impossible to lose fat any faster. Rapid weight loss is often fluid or muscle tone, but you are eating well and exercising, so it's fat you are losing. Trust me, you will soon see and feel a difference 😊

    Keep smiling lovely 😊

  • I am very happy with the rate of the weight loss, I just thought that there would be some visual change by now too! After reading the comments on this post it seems pretty normal to look the same though so I'm not worried :) I definitely want it to be sustainable so if that means it takes months and months then so be it!

  • Very good attitude ☺ I'm glad you are feeling happy as that is an excellent start to your weight loss journey ☺

    Best wishes


  • Don't be desponden, you have done so well. The fact that you are feeling better is more important than any numbers. I tell myself I am not on a diet, I am choosing to eat and live healthily. You are already experiencing physical and mental improvements that is GREAT! Keep going.

  • How long did it take you to gain the weight? Did you think about it weekly and wonder whether you were heavier or fatter? I guess not. It took time for the weight to go on, it will take time for it to come off.

    I would suggest that you try to stop obsessing about it (not easy, we all do) concentrate on keeping up with your diet and exercise and results will come.

    I managed to put on loads of weight end of last year and over Xmas, went on virtually unnoticed, very slowly coming off again.

    I am afraid losing weight is a waiting game (excuse pun) but with patience and sustained effort it will happen

    Good luck on Friday

  • You can get an app to help you with water, it reminds you to drink it, would that help?

  • I think I tried that once and would just dismiss it, I'm going to buy a proper water bottle instead of just the big 1.5L I carry around with me so I can hit the goal in smaller steps

  • Good idea.

  • I have just bought myself a fitbit and this has encouraged me to eat more, drink more, exercise more and as a result I am now losing more. My weight seemed to be stuck for a few weeks but is not, finally, starting to shift. However, I don't think I'm going to be able to see a difference until I've lost about half a stone. Like some of the other comments say, I have a distorted view of my own body so probably won't notice until my clothes fit again.

    Keep going, remember that you feel great and have loads of energy... and drink more.

  • Do not be disheartened I have been in this position too. I had lost a stone and did not see a difference. Keep at it, at least you feel better physically. Through time you will see the difference and as you say drink more water. Good luck.

  • I've lost over a stone and a half over 4 months and only one person has noticed! I don't see a massive difference myself either, although I am in smaller trousers and my swimming costume isn't quite as lumpy. I think it can sometimes take a while for it to become noticeable.

  • You know what you are achieving, establishing healthy habits for life is the most important thing to do. That increase in self respect is much more important than compliments.

    Have you tried carbonated water, or adding a squeeze of lemon juice to tap water?

  • Yes, I do love drinking water and it's even better with fruit but I just forget to drink it because I'm not very thirsty. There's been times where I have forced myself and ended up coughing it all out nearly being sick haha! I'm going to have to try and get the bulk of it down with meals I think.

  • Me Too :) but like you I know I am fitter and feel the benefits positively in myself. I have lost 4lb in a month .... I was expecting at least 6lb but I didn't realise I would gain fitness so quick. Like you I have been exercising loads and loads and loads and nobody has seen a difference. I was very despondent and posted for the first time at the weekend but the responses have been wonderful life and put it all in perspective. Lets see what this month brings...I cant wait for they first post where one of us have been told "You've lost weight" Or "aren't you looking healthy" or even "Damn you look good" its coming.

  • Please don't give up - it took me a good 8 -10 weeks before I saw a difference but the way I felt and the energy that I have far outweighed the slow pace it took for me to see the difference. If you are struggling with the water - add a few slices of orange into it. Let it sit for a few moments and the flavour will come through!! You will succeed :)

  • Oh I'm no where near giving up yet - if anything this just motivates me to work harder! :)

  • You won't see much difference yet...I read an article that states that the reason we don't see a difference for a while is because we lose what is called visceral fat (otherwise know as 'hidden' fat) first. The reason for this is very clear; over weight or obese people tend to have too much of visceral fat surrounding their organs and though organs like some fat they don't like to be surrounded by too much of it. It's your body's way of allowing the most dangerous and less useful fat go when it experiences a calorie deficit. It's actually really clever of the body. However, for this reason, dieters tend not to notice much weight loss (visually at least) till they have lost about 20 - 30 lbs, sometimes a little more. However, you will know you've lost weight via scales, tape measure and generally feeling better. Stick with it, I do know the frustration you feel. I didn't notice a huge difference at first but once I lost about 2 stone people started to comment about how much slimmer I looked. The good news is that after the initial 30 lbs of fat lost your weight loss will become more noticeable and for every 10 lbs of fat you lose after that your weight loss will become obvious as your body sheds it's subcutaneous fat (that's the fat you can feel and is directly under your skin). You just have to stick with it.

    Good luck. :)

    Sazki x

  • That's really informative. Thanks for that.

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