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Week 4... back on track!

After last week's expected blip I am very happy to report that I successfully shed the 3.8lbs gained plus an additional 0.2! Every bit counts. So I am still on track for my 52 in 52!

Some of you have mentioned how you enjoy my mind set and my long term thinking. Trust me, this wasnt an overnight choice and I most certainly have spend nearly 30 years coming to accept that "diets" fail, where as lifestyle changes succeed!

This week I will be introducing some physical activity. I better get my thumb out too as I am waking the Moonwalk Marathon in May and right now I can only imagine walking a mile... Lets see how I feel next week!

Good luck this week folks!


Start: 262

Current: 254.4

Total Loss: 7.6 (1/2 stone!!!!!)

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Nice one knhedges. To put weight on and then still have the get up and go to fight back shows strength.

Totally agree about the 'lifestyle change' over 'diets' frame of mind. I'm only starting week 5 but have never felt so empowered to see this through.

Good luck with the exercise.


Well done 🎉🎉


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