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I have been to see my GP this morning as I am classed as obese . I had read on various sites to seek advice of GP before launching on any diet I hope therefore he would be able to offer some support In fact he talked about carbs and low fat etc but told me nothing I didn't already know So I am more grateful than ever that I found this site I have to take medication to keep me stable as I suffer from severe depression and anxiety otherwise and a side effect of the melds can be weight gain . Medical sites say stress can cause weight gain especially around the abdomen and I have plenty of that So thanks Health unlocked it seems you are the only help I am going to get .


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  • Hi I visited my doctor for another issue 3 weeks ago and mentioned I had lost over 3st in weight but was wondering if I could be referred for an exercise assistance programme which I am happy to say she was ok to do for me, I still haven't started it yet as waiting for a space but there should be something that your GP ( I am in the UK) can do for you especially if you are experiencing other weight issues aches/pains etc.

    This is the second time I had bought the issue up with a GP last was a few years ago and all I was told hen was cut down, exercise and have 5 a day. Sometimes I think it's who you see at the practice.

    Stress can cause weight gain as can lack of sleep as Moorlesstold me last week look up cortisol on the net.

    I think the forum is fab and the support is priceless so is the advice so hope it helps you too. Bev

  • Thanks for taking time to reply I was hoping for something as I know people who have been prescribed exercise I even wondered about gastric band as I have friends who have had that too I don't suffer any aches and pains This was the GP who sent me into hospital so I was very grateful to him because the first GP told me I had a virus . I know about cortisol thanks I am 68 by the way . I know I need to step up the exercise

  • Hi if you are ok walking there are many you tube walking videos on the net Leslie Sansomes happy walks are good to walk along to indoors and you just do what you can.

  • Thanks I will lol at that tomorrow

  • Hi Moppy, I'm in the same boat as you with depression but not on meds, lm avoiding all unnecessary stress for next 8 weeks, your not alone, but we are all different, with diff ways to cope, I've joined local leisure centre, with access to swim, Zumba, aquacise, gym (intro to 3 types of equip, treadmill included)im getting to aqua 3 times a week,at present, I'm 5 stone over weight, have lost 12 lbs over 3 weeks, I'm feeling down this week but hope to get to aquacise classes, hope you ok soon:)

  • Thanks ary88 for that at the moment I am ten stone overweight so can't do much exercise But once I have lost a couple more stone I will go back to swimming I hope you feel better soon

  • thanks Moppy, good luck, aquacise is non weight bearing, you can buy swimming custumes with sizes 20 to 38 at, 1m size 22, 5ft 9in, have a good week. :)

  • Hi I have friends who do aquacise but they are slimmer than me I am presently size 24 but have a swimming costume with like a tennis skirt bottom I live in the country so the nearest pool is some distance away but I will give it a go Thanks I am 5ft 6in

  • Hi, I'm 68, glad no pain ect. You could try non weight bearing routine, on bed, chairs ect, pick say 6 exercises that bend and stretch, feet, legs, knees, wrists, arms, shoulders to protect all joints especially shoulder joints (start low say 3 of each, to be achievable each day, and last 15 mins, you can increase after few weeks, say 4 weeks) and more importantly, drinks 6 pints of water between sunrise and sunset, no eating callories after 6pm when pos,to keep it simple , I dilute mine with non sugar lemon.and concentrate on keeping yourself happy by finding out happy things to do as much as pos, play fav music when doing your workout. :)

  • Hello, I think that the "service" available from GPs re weight loss is quite patchy - I don't think they get any particular nutrition training, and, let's face it, some of them aren't lightweights either!

    The advice the government gives out re portion control, eating lots of fresh foods and fruit and vegetables etc. and cutting back on sweets, alcohol and fizzy drinks will greatly improve your diet and start you losing weight. Some healthier foods do also have a mood improving effect as well by increasing your intake of magnesium, so you might find your anxiety improves as your diet gets better.

    Plus the morale boost of getting down to a healthy weight has got to be worth the effort. So do go for it. Best of luck.

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