Restrictions, Is it just me?

Is anyone else having problems wring posts or responses?

I joined the forum on Tuesday.. Having a good read and write around.. until Thursday I was restricted... reported this in the help section, and Friday was "manually unrestricted" by the support team.. Two notes later was restricted again until now...

The only things I can do when restricted are "like" and "follow / unfollow"

Support are looking into it.

But I just wonder if anyone else having problems?

(If I don't respond... you will know why!!)


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9 Replies

  • I had this problem but it was fixed the day after it happened.

  • Thanks echoground at first I thought maybe we are only allowed to make so many responses per day...

    I'm hoping I won't have a 3rd restriction.. I was without the site from Friday afternoon until 2pm today (Monday). Really missed catching up with my lovely new friends and missed my first weigh in on Saturday..

    Hey ho... I will have a bigger loss by this Saturdays weigh in!!

    Wishing you a great week ahead.

  • I hope that they've managed to sort things out properly now, Minniewinny, because there have been several people that it's happened to, including myself! Fortunately for me, mine didn't last long :o

  • I don't feel so bad now.. knowing I was in good company!!

    You are definitely not a spammer.. You are a cheer leader!

    So glad we're both back.

  • I have had no issues with restricted and sometimes I have done 4 posts at a time so I don't think its the volume- maybe a technical issue

  • Hi RG07 I hope you enjoy this forum as much as I do, it was really missed over the weekend! Wishing you great success with your goals.

  • I want to lose 10kg which is very small compared to everyone else but so far lost 3kg so hoping the 12 week programme will help.

  • Looks like a great start..

  • It happened to me too when I joined a few weeks ago, but it got sorted after I complained to the support team.

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