2 weeks on

Slightly disappointed with the weigh in this week.

I started at 16st7 and on my third week I am 16st2lb.

Last week, I went on my cycling machine more and walked a lot more, but only lost 1lb compared with the previous week losing 4lb.

Instead of doing 10k on my cycling machine I am doing 12k each day and hopefully this week me and my friend will be going into our local cities so we should walk about 10-12k that day.

Just overall disappointed with the weigh in :/


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  • Have you looked art the post from moreless "Eat More, Weigh Less - The Calorie Conundrum"? Seriously good reading, posted 7 months ago.

    Well done on all you're doing and have done so far.. Keep going as you will benefit yourself long term. Enjoy your walks with your friend.

  • Hi

    no I havent but I will check it out shortly.

    I am not eating as much as I was before and cut down quite a bit. Just reading a little bit gives me an idea I am not eating enough calories each day, as I am having porridge or 2 slices of toast each week day and then, a sandwich or soup at dinner and then having a "proper" tea in the evening and thats it. I am only drinking water and tea.

  • It sounds like your not eating enough.. check out the post from LessToLose .. then increase to decrease 🎉

    Wishing you success going forwards.

  • Thank you.

    I've just pretty much cut down on everything, eating 3 meals a day and drinking more water as well as excising more.

    I honestly thought I would be 16st or below, especially that I increased my excersize last week.

    Mon 10k on cycle machine

    Tues at least 5k walk and 10k on cycle machine

    Wed 6k walk and 10k on cycle machine

    Thurs 10k cycle machine

    Fri 13k on cycle machine

    Sat only 4k on cycle machine

    Sun 13.5k on cycle machine

    as well as other walking around.

  • These foods can have varied calories depending on how you prepare them - eg porridge with honey on top, toast with lots of butter, will be higher in cals than made with sweetener, or no sweetening, and low fat spread/marmite. Also, is the "proper" tea a salad or casserole, or a plate of fish and chips?!!

    It might be worth working out the calories on a few of your favourite meals, and then you'll know what you are taking in each day. You might find that some of what you are eating is higher in calories than you think, and that this is reducing your weight loss, even though the actual amount of food you are eating is quite modest.

  • If I have toast in the week, I have it plain. "proper tea" is like an item with veg, or a salad.

    I did work out how much calories I was having for breakfast and dinner, but never did it with the tea.

  • I am at a loss, then! Perhaps it's just that you are a slow and steady loser right from the start, rather than losing quite a bit in the first couple of weeks as many people do and then finding the rate of loss slows down.

    As long as the needle on the scales is going in the right direction that's the main thing though!

  • Don't be despondent, weight loss is not linear, stick to the plan and your body will catch up 🌻

  • Thank you

  • That's a good healthy weight loss as recommended by NHS. When I started it was five weeks before I lost an ounce. Don't be disappointed. Usually easier to keep it off when it comes of more slowly.

  • That's good then

  • You're doing well and are losing weight at a sensible rate. Just keep going and as someone else said, the more gradual that you lose the weight, the more likely you are to keep it off. Best wishes.

  • I was just disappointed because I had exercised more so I was expecting a little bit more

  • Firstly, don;t knock 5lbs lost - it's a darn sight better than 5lbs put on.

    Are you counting your calories? If you aren't, it might be worth trying a week of strictly counting your calories and making aboslutely sure that you aren't going over your allowance. Cutting back generally, eg on those low carbs diets which are very popular at the moment, is usually fine to lose weight. But because you aren't measuring everything, it is possible to consume too many calories without realising it. Calorie counting will bring all that into the light, and guide you to where you need to cut back further and/or adjust your diet, eg less meat and more veg on the plate, to reduce calories while adding bulk.

  • That's true.

    I havent been counting the calories. I did for breakfast and dinner but not for tea. and then its normally something with veg or a salad I am having.

    According to the BMI calculator I should have 2263-2909 KCAL a day, and it recommends around the lower end.

    The porridge is 213Kcal

    53 calories per slice of bread and I normally have Tuna which is 113kcal per 100g. The tin is 160g and I normally have half a tin at a time and then have the other half the next day. Then I have my tea.

    So before my tea I am having 432kcal

    For drinks I have been having water and tea with a little bit of milk.

  • Hmm, it's a genuine mystery, then. All I can say is that people often underestimate how many calories they are taking in. Lots of experiements have been done with all sorts of people which demonstrate that what people think they've had and what they've actually had are often quite different.

    Sorry if this sounds like I'm doubting you, but are you sure your bread is only 53 cals a slice? Most bread is over 100 cals a slice, so are you using weightwatchers bread, or something like that where the slices are really small and light? Are you buttering the bread, and/or mixing the tuna with mayonnaise or other dressing? What weight of oats are you putting in your porridge? Are you making it with milk (if, so, full fat, skimmed, half fat?), and do you sweeten it with sugar/honey/maple syrup/sweetener/nothing? All this sort of detail can make several hundred cals difference every day.

    The other thing I'd say - speaking as a hardened and reasonably successful dieter ( nearly 3 stone lost and kept off over many years) - is that 2263 cals sounds quite high as an allowance. The average woman is reckoned to use up no more than 2100 cals a day, and recently even that has been challeneged with new research suggesting that it might be as low as 1600 cals - oh dear! Even at 16 stones, when your calorie requirement will be higher because there is more of you, 2263 seems pretty generous. Obviously it's low enough for you to lose weight slowly, but maybe going down to 1500-1800 cals might speed things up and still be generous enough for you not to feel hungry and deprived.

    Caveat - I'm not medically qualified, just someone who has lost weight herself and has some practical experience having made virutally all the mistakes at one time or another.

  • Hi

    I just looked that part up on the internet. I just leave it plain. The porridge kcal is on the box, I use semi skimmed milk. With the tuna I sometimes put a bit of mayonnaise on it but its lite, other times i leave it.

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