Got 15 meals meals out over next 5 days, including cooked breakfasts, husbands bday, dads bday and a retirement party!! Help!!

So I'm going away today and staying in a premier inn hotel with breakfast. Lunch available at conference and then it'll be meals out every night with big group of friends. HELP? how do I make good choices??!! My husband has chosen a BBQ place for his bday. One dish is 2800 kcal!! 😳😭😰 he's suggested I just don't eat the rest of the week. Any advice how to not gain weight or minimise that??


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5 Replies

  • Try to pick the healthiest things on the menu. If you slip, understandable under the circumstances get back on the wagon asap. Good luck

  • Watch your portion sizes. You have to do what's right for you; as a rough guide keep to the inner rim of a dinner plate with 60 to 75 kcals worth of protein, 150 to 200 kcals of low Gi carbohydrate (mostly vegetables), with the balance made up of natural fat (such as meat/poultry/game/fish/seafood/egg fat, butter/cream/avocado sauces, olive oil, cheese/nuts/coconut dessert, etc).

  • Hi I agree with concerned- smaller portions and don't use it as an excuse to treat yourself- have 1 meal where its a treat but try and stick to food you'd normally have- usually if I am away I love the full english but the thought of having that at home would turn my stomach but when Im on holiday no problems!! eat more of the vegetables, aim for tomato based sauces rather than creamy sauces and limit alcohol. But don't get stressed if you slip- you're on holiday and you are not in control of the food options made available to you just try and make the best. Look at week 7 on the 12 week NHS weight loss plan- its got tips when dining out and week 8 which is about vegetables & salad tips. Enjoy your week. BBQ day may do vegetarian version sausages/burgers- which tend to be lower in calories so if that option is available be a veggie for the day!

  • Hi, choose a lower calorie breakfast to start your days off well, poached egg on toast, porridge, Premier Inn probably have a menu online where you can check calorie contents? When eating out, could you share a main course and give the other person the biggest half? Pass on dessert? Just be aware and concentrate on damage limitation, but enjoy yourself!

  • Try to follow all the good and sensible advise that we all know. Fill up on the veg and drink plenty of water as well as a bit of indulgence. Remember, a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips. Good luck, but enjoy your special events as well.

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