Can we wear more than one badge? πŸ‘

I notice Claz has a snazzy Saturday Rocks badge - don't know where it came from - must be a new invention. Me thinks moreless has got her engraving tool out. I am proud of my 4 stone badge but I am also part of the winning Saturday weighin team. Can I wear 2 badges? If not, can I swap for a week to a Saturday Rocks badge until we lose! Cheers my dears.

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  • Hi Ella,

    Glad you like my newly engraved badges :D

    Unfortunately, we can only wear one badge at a time, so your Team Saturday Rocks badge will be replaced by your 4 stone badge, when another team earns the right to sport the Team Rocks badge :)

    Enjoy the kudos and encourage your team members to come forward for their badges too :)

  • Loving the new badge, thanks!

  • Your badge looks good - not jealous, no not at all. ☺

  • Ooooo please can I have one moreless i weighed in on Saturday πŸ˜€

  • You certainly can nteapea, well done you! :)

  • I love ❀️ it thanks moreless

  • C'moooon Tuesday Trimmers! I would so like a Tuesday Trimmers Rock badge! Do you think we can do it, Itsbab ?!

  • Yes we can πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Oh I do hope so πŸ‘ I am hoping I can add at least 1lb this week to the collective pot and if not and I maintain again it's a good job you won't hear me or it could be NOoooo! Bleep, bleep, bleep, grrr! Hope you are doing well Dietbunny and The rest of the Tuesday Trimmers.

  • Had a bad (ie indulgent) weekend, but back on the wagon now! A whole grapefruit for breakfast, veggie soup for lunch, banana in bag for snack around 4 and a healthy supper planned for tonight. NO alcohol! 😎

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