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A long journey towards healthy weight: fourth week review 23/01-29/01

Hi everyone,

It's nice to be back here. I've been a member of this forum for a month now. Really feel like a place I belong, gained so much from you guys (not weight, but knowledge and tips on healthy living and encouragement:).

No weight loss for me this week, but I kinda expected, I'm not disappointed, here is why:

1. I've been good with my water intake as always.

2. Out of 6 days, I had 4 days had 5 portions of fruit and veggie, to me it's not bad.

3. I only exercised 100 minutes (brisk walking), didn't reach my weekly 150 mins moderate exercise target, but it's due to change of circumstance at work, I did try.

4. I did have some strength and flexibility exercise, despite not reaching my target of 3 sessions

5. We had a day and a night of family banquet and celebration, I ate less calories beforehand to be prepared, I drunk 2.6 units f Gin and Tonic, like taking time enjoying my drink, it's once a year celebration, I enjoyed it:)

6. I was on target for 1400 calories for 4 days of 6.

For the coming week, I plan to try the 10-minute home cardio workout (thanks guys for suggesting it:), I looked through my diary, I know I'll struggle to find big chunk of time exercise for 4 out of 6 days

Also, I'm not going to have days off like this week, my target is have 5 days on target 1400 calories.

I'm getting a bit better with calories counting (again, with your help!), so finger crossed!

Now the big question, please help me on this one, does anyone have good tips about maintaining weight when you go on holiday? I'll have a week holiday the week after, really need help in this area, cause I last time I lost weight and put a lot back on started from our first holiday after our son was born, I spent 10 months to lose the weight after giving birth, but put quite a bit back during that holiday (btw, it's all inclusive, which we love, and good value for money, but not good for weight)

Good luck to everyone!


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Good morning happyhealthyjane 😊

Very well done on the steps you are taking towards a new permanent healthy you 😊

I like that you're making step by step changes. Practice makes perfect 😊

Holidays are a tough one, especially all inclusive. Maybe decide to aim to maintain, and just be mindful? Eat what you like, try all the delicious food, but also be mindful of portion size. You don't say where you are going but will there be lots of lovely salads or fresh fruit? I find these are so much tastier in hot countries! 😊

Also, will you be doing any exercise? I find we walk a lot more, plus swimming and dancing on holidays 😊

A big issue for me is drink calories, not just alcohol but sugary cocktails 😕 I try to stick to a healthier gin and tonic, and just have one or two.

At the end if the day, I've learnt it is possible to have a lovely holiday without over eating or going mad. 😊

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Thanks Anna. all very good advice:) I think I'll try to follow every single one of them, be realistic, aim to maintain; while enjoying my food, I'll be mindful of portion (one does not have to over do it to enjoy the food, after all, it is the taste and texture of food I enjoy food). yes we'll be walking and swimming, about drinks, i also find it a difficult one, guess my way of doing is take it slow, I find I enjoy my drinks a lot more when I can take my time, and I drink less that way.

And you make an excellent point, it's possible to have a lovely holiday without binge eating or drinking, now i'm older, i l know what i like the most is able to take my time doing things


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