Food and calories for tomorrow

Food and calories for tomorrow

I've prepped for work for the next 2 days. Will have same both days. Work long shifts that's why I will have whole days food there.

Yogurt and granola - 160 cals

Vegetables and gravy - 280 cals

Grapes - 90 cals

Chilli rice with roasted veg - 620 cals

Yogurt with raspberry sauce - 130 cal

Milk for hot drinks - 150 cals

Total - 1430 for the day

Am really hoping for some inspiration from any recipes posted. Would also like to learn more about nutrition, so any tips appreciated (I'm vegetarian). Weigh day tomorrow - stuck to 1500 calories a day, so hope for at least 1lb.


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6 Replies

  • That all looks delicious! You are very organised...

    I log everything on the myfitnesspal ap so I can check the nutritional value of what I eat.

    I am vegetarian too so often fall short on protein and iron. I sporadically take a multi-vitamin with extra iron to give that a boost and also sometimes have a hard boiled egg or a slice of leerdammer cheese as a snack to try & boost the protein. Mixed nuts are good also but just need to watch the quantity.

    Hope the shifts go well!🌞

  • Thanks, I'll look at the app you mentioned.

  • That's an impressive amount of organisation, and they look yummy, well done :)

    I was vegetarian for about 20 years (now I'm vegan), and I never had any nutritional worries or problems, as long as you have a range of fruit, vegetables, pulses, grains etc you should be fine, but favour the minimally processed (brown rice, pasta etc) if you can.

  • Good luck for your weigh-in day tomorrow, and I love the look of your meals - you are very well prepared! :-)

  • wow..very organised & great planning... good luck with your weighin 2moro x

  • wow..very organised & great planning... good luck with your weighin 2moro x

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