need advice

hi ,October last year I had my sigmoid colon removed due to suffering 5 years with diverticular disease, as I have been off work for three months I have put a stone on in weight which has made me more depressed as I was already a stone overweight. Now I am not very good with eating main meals as I am not really a foodie and I am now anxious about introducing fiber now as before I had the operation I was on a low fiber low residue diet, now my consultant has said I need to introduce fibre food carefully but this nhs diet says I need fibre .any advice


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5 Replies

  • Hi, sorry to hear about your troubles. Hope you get better soon. I would follow what your consultant says. People on here aren't medically trained and some of us, myself included, sprout all sorts of nonsense! Good luck

  • Vegetable fibre tends to be a lot milder on the gut than whole-grains for example. I think you may need to make gradual changes to ensure you are okay with them, and as importantly that you enjoy the changes so that you will want to keep them. So, as EllaMidlands wrote, follow your consultant's advice.

  • Why not ask your GP to refer you to community dietician- they're the experts and they can guide you. Also look at the website- for the bladder and bowel foundation they may have suggestions for you?

  • Wishing you success in your research and your journey to better health.

  • Hi bananagirl, how are you getting on?

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