Fast approaching 60

Hiya, as my title says, fast approaching 60 (April) 2nd knee replacement 15th of Feb. I will not be heading for 70 and still be at this. I work permanent night on a 4 on 4 off rota. I don't sleep a lot, so my food has to last be longer than day shifters. Not using that as a excuse. I just love food and love to eat. My worsted habit is snacking when I am not even hungry. Boredom plays a big part in my life. I have lots of spare time to do stuff but cant be *rsed !!!. Vicious circle I have to get out of. I am fat and overweight and pain in my knee hurts like hell, so don't exercise much. But op in 2 weeks so getting into healthy eating now.

Looking forward to my future and getting to know you all

Jo (female) x


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8 Replies

  • Hi SL. Looks to me like you've already taken the biggest step, which is the first one.

    One of the longer standing members will supply you with more details but a fair number of us here are following the NHS 12 week plan which you can find on the right hand side of your computer screen from the Home page. Its done right by me up to now.

    Good luck!

  • Thank you for your reply. I am starting week1 today x

  • It's great that you are so positive now and really want to do it

    I find if I write down all the reasons for losing weight and keep reminding myself it keeps me on track

    You say you don't want to be overweight at 70 and also it's going to help with your knee pain so they are brilliant reasons to start your list

    I find fruit and herbal teas help me get through the needing to snack moments but my son is getting married in July and I know how heartbroken and disappointed in myself I will be if I don't lose it for that so I just keep it in mimd the whole time

    Keep posting we will all support you wishing you all the very best and good luck with your operation xx

  • Thank You for your reply. I am also going to Florida in May, so another good reason....I don't want to be overweight and hot and chewed. Mother of the Groom, is a fabulous event to aim for....I'm sure you will be the belle of the ball....after the bride of course. x

  • Hello, I am fairly fast apporaching 60 myself, and am absolutely determined that I will have finished my weight loss campaign and got into a decent maintenance outine before my 60th birthday - earlier if I can!

    I do think controlling eating is made harder by shift work - or, indeed, by staying up late and/or not having a regular wake/sleep routine. There does seem to be some science around how being up after dark can muck up our appetite and satiety mechanisms. However, life doesn't always fit with the textbook best practice, so if that's your job, you have to try to work round it.

    Have you tried "compressed eating"? This might work for you. Basically, you set a window of 10 hours during the day (or night) when you eat all your meals, and you just stop eating outside that window. Obviously, you will have several hours asleep during your non-eating hours, so the actual number of hours you are awake and can't eat is quite small.

    This way of eating gives your body a mini fast each day, which seems to be good for sugar control (and therefore appetite) and good for your health generally. But I wonder if psychologically it might help you handle your shift rota, as you won't have any days where your food needs to "last" you longer, as your eating window will always be 10 hours, whether you're at work or not.

    Obviously, to lose weight you also need to cut your calories back sufficiently by exerting portion control and weighing/measuring where necessary. So it's not a 10 hour blowout on all sorts of bad foods every day. But it might help you get into a routine and start the weight coming off. (It might also help you get into a better sleep pattern as well.)

    Worth a try.

  • Thank You for your input. Ill do a bit of research on that, I've never heard of it x

  • Hi SL I joined two weeks ago on Weds using the NHS 12 week plans started counting calories and walking a lot more.Last Weds had lost two pounds and two ins on waist so lets see what this Weds brings.I am 71 next month so never to late to start.x

  • thank you for your reply. wow 2inches that fabulous, well done on the 2lb drop too. I cant wait to get back to my waking. I used to fell walk and do long country walk until my knee issues but that will soon sorted x

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