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What do you think !!!😟

Hi everyone ok I'm now on my 2nd week on counting calories , my first week I lost 2lbs , last week I put 0,6lbs on and I've just weighted myself today and I'm back to my original weight I was 3 weeks ago 😒. My official weigh day is tmw !! Carnt really see it changing much , I don't want to get dishearten I really want this to work , my calories for my bmi or btwn 1534-2034 I've been on 1750 to 1800 do you think I need to go to the lower end off calorie intake this next week and see how I go ???? . I've started dining a little excerise too but only squats and walking 🙂, so what do you all think please ☺

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You do need to persevere with diets. The body can lose loads of weight/water in first couple of weeks or it can go into shock and hang on it. Stick with it and it will work - I am not an expert on calorie counting as I don't do that, I don't eat high carb food like bread, pasta, rice, pots and it is working for me like that


Hi Marv50. To give you a one off yard stick I can tell you what's been working for me, after nearly 4 weeks. I'm 1.73m and am sticking to around 1900 calories. I'm not active every day but my work does mean that some days I am physical for most of the day which I'm guessing is why that level of intake is good for me. I know this is quite simplistic as we are all different.


I'd say stick to what your doing, write everything down, remember your weight can fluctuate daily. I'm allowed similar to you, but because I thought it was too high I've been sticking to 1400. I've lost 51/2lbs in two weeks. Before joining this forum I was having 1,300 and loosing nothing. I may have to up my calories a bit as I dont want to loose weight to quickly as I know it will go back on even quicker. I am going to give myself a couple more weeks to work out what works best. It can take a while for your body to respond. Good luck.

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Make sure that you log absolutely everything on an ap like myfitnesspal.

Watch your portions and don't cheat (not even a tiny bit) as even the tiniest things can whack up the calories.

I think it takes a few weeks to work out your own routines and observe what your body responds best to.

You could try doing a few days at the lower end of your calorie range to see if it has an impact.

Doing more exercise also seemed to help me...

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