Week Four of 52

Hi all, my brand new scales say 16st 4lb a 2lb loss from last week, I am very pleased with that. Unfortunately I have only been on 2X 1 hr walks. I have been comparatively more sinful this week also with eating a mountain of chocolate yesterday, which is probably why I'm a 1x lb heavier then yesterday, secretly it was worth it!

I have made some fantastic meals also - potato and tuna salad one day and stew and dumplings another day. Overall I have lost 17lbs, goal to get into 15 stone bracket and lose a further stone (ongoing) and for next week alone to have a less sinful week. Good luck to all. Jp.


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8 Replies

  • You know what JacksonPollock , if you mindfully are the chocolate and it was worth it then I think that is good. What worries me more is when people (myself included) wolf stuff down without even letting it touch the sides and then regret it.

    Glad you are impressed with your cooking, good luck for next week!

  • I'm a long time binger, but want to stop doing it, and I have given it up, every day I say no to overeating :)

  • I ate a lot of chocolates for someone on a diet, but not a lot if you are a binge eater! or ex binge eater like me! And if you can't have a treat sometimes then what is it all worth?!

    Thanks and good luck to you too. Jp.

  • I like your honesty! Congrats on this weeks weight loss, I find it impossible to imagine myself normal weight, but today i have taken a step forward, by wanting to take responsibility for my body's weight, I have the plan and i wish to stick to it to make the progress i want.😐

  • Thanks. Good for you, you can only keep persevering the weight will come off if you keep trying. good luck to you. jp.

  • thanks for that, gb

  • 2lbs sounds decent to me! Great to see you progressing so steadily. Hope you really enjoyed the choc. I like having a sneaky square of lidl dark choc with orange peel. A little of what you like... stops you going totally off the rails! :)

  • Yes definitely thanks, I have had one naughty weekend in the month, Not drastically bad, back to normal tomorrow and it was worth it, definitely. All the best. Jp.

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