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I'm gonna give this 12 week thing a try. I put on a lot of weight after I had my little boy. We were resident on NNU and this meant 4 months of ready meals and snacking when I got a chance. I lost 11lbs at the end of last year but lost momentum and put some back on. I want to get started again. I feel about a stone would be about right to get back to pre-pregnancy weight and a bit more. How do I get on a weigh-in? Good luck to everyone!

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Hi 1stoneup and welcome to the forum.

Check out the Welcome Newbies post in the pinned posts section (to the right of your screen on a pc, bottom on a mobile) - this contains some great info for starting out and navigating your way around the site.

Have a look at your calorie allowance on the NHS BMI calculator nhs.uk/Tools/Pages/Healthyw...

Take all of your before measurements and maybe a photo.

I can see you've joined our Sunday weigh-in. Most of our users find the weigh-ins very helpful and motivational.

We offer weight loss badges and a Newbie one for the first 12 weeks of your journey. Would you like one?

Best of luck and I look forward to seeing you around :-)


Yes please. A badge would be much appreciated!


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