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Week 4 - Update- making (small)progress

Morning all on this wet and dismal Sunday. So glad I went out yesterday and enjoyed the sunshine.

Nearly the end of the month - January has felt like the longest month. Made more rotten - by an awful throat virus - the achey muscles and cough finally gone. Many of my work deadlines close on 31 Jan - so a bit stressed right now!! As for family - they have been very trying - but I am still here - and not distracted - from my real mission "TO GET A GRIP AND TO LOSE WEIGHT".

Couple of days to end of Jan- I will do full update nest week on goal progress and set new ones.

I have remained positive (just) . I have eaten healthy delicious nutritious food.

I have been very much encouraged by Ruth_canal_runner approach of what can I have:-).

I have been super organised- not allowing for unplanned hunger...

Exercise -not so much...but I have generally moved more....

Damp Jan (no wine) - pretty good and with the end of the month not looking to dive into a wine bottle - so all good.

Blood pressure - consistently normal - hooray ( really is the one that scares me)

BMI- 29.5 to 29.1

Measurements - half an inch off

Weight - a little bit frustrating and I was wailing yesterday. I have done exactly the same this week as last - but only .0.25 pounds off. But still a loss- and is enough encouragement to keep going...total loss for Jan 3.5 pounds

So will be doing the same thing next week..

Happy Feb everyone and good look luck:-)

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Hi Suzy,

Wow, you're doing really well - it's great to see your progress, and I'll look forward to reading your month's detailed information that you're going to post next week. It's very inspiring to read - and great to see your BMI reducing and also that you've lost half an inch. Congratulations on losing 3.5 pounds in January - despite contending with that awful cold - I think that cold bug has taken several of us down. I am glad to be free of it at last, it had me out of action for pretty much half of January.

Hope you're enjoying the weekend, despite the damp weather today. Glad to hear you managed to get out and about yesterday, when it was better weather.

Have a great week.

Zest :-)

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All going in the right direction - - at last...,,

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Small progress is good progress Suzy! You've not just lost lbs and inches but set yourself up to keep succeeding. You have room for improvement, but you're already getting results. As your cold subsides, deadlines ease, and weather brightens, you'll find it easier to exercise and get out and about more. And with your good habits all in place you'll definitely see more results. Just think if you achieve the same in February, that'll be half a stone. I'm going to continue my 'damp' January by the way. I've developed a few more end of day drink options that are stopping me thinking about wine so much now. I think I'm also coping with stress etc much better, so am fighting the urge at source too. :)

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thank you - yes i had considered the half stone option for Feb.....so i will continue as before:-)

Good luck to you too- glad things are easing off a bit....

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