Lots of effort but Minimum Weight Loss

I started the weight loss journey on 1st Jan. No alcohol, no excessive calaries and running, body pump classes and yoga, 7 hours a week! My fitness is so much better (managing to run last week for 70 mins non stop) but I have lost 3.5lb only! What am I doing wrong? I am a BMI of 26.6. I am 12st7 currently but should be nearer 11stone. Save for drastically cutting calories I do not know what else to do?


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  • I started at more or less the same point as you with a BMI of 29.9 and it took me 27 weeks to lose 14 kg (30lbs) and reach a BMI of 22. I trained (running and strength training) 5 hours a week and followed the NHS 12 week plan with a low-starchy-carb and vegetarian twist. In terms of calorie intake I followed the recommendations on My Fitness Pal rather than the slightly higher ones the NHS BMI calculator gave me.

    It sounds to me like you are doing everything right. And you are losing weight at a sustainable rate. In fact, you are doing great and your body will thank you for treating it with respect ✊ I wouldn't change a thing.

    Keep it up and before summer kicks in, you'll be looking and feeling better than you have for ages!

  • just give yourself time ! the weight didn't go on in a week so it isn't going to come off in a week either... 1lb a week is a good weight loss... I know if I do exercise the weight comes off really slowly but I know I feel better doing exercise and know my body is getting healthier... your doing the right things.. just keep going !

  • I am very interested in you post, Watton, as I fear I am in a similar boat to you. I say similar, since I don't exercise quite as much as you, but do yoga, swimming and walking during the week - I don't like exercise classes! I have done dry January and have radically cut down my large meal portions. My starting weight:13st 1 lb. BMI 29.9. I have very deliberately not weighed myself all month, and am dreading 1 Feb when I find out if I've lost much if any weight. I don't feel much slimmer! Keeping motivated is the biggest problem if the scales don't show much loss. However, as IbenCopenhagen comments below, I have been told that slow and steady is best (albeit slow and frustrating!). What we need to develop is a mindset whereby we are changing our attitude to food and exercise and are becoming healthy, and a by product of that is losing weight. Slowly! Good luck, Watton, and somehow we will change our mindsets and in 12 months' time we'll be delighted we did!

  • IbenCopenhagen obviously knows what's she's talking about. The only thing I would add is are you eating enough calories? 3.5lbs is a good lose. Slow and steady wins the race. Good luck😊

  • I think the exercise is great and you've done really well with it.

    Reducing calories is needed- it doesn't have to be punishing if you add in a lot of extra vegetables to replace the higher calorie food.

    Because of age, I can only walk and swim so have had to do it this way and have lost , on average, 2lb a week and have just entered the healthy BMI range for my height. (lost 2 stone since last October)

    I did stop potatoes which i have added back in now but am still leaving out bread as it's my main downfall!!

    You will lose weight quite quickly with all this exercise if you drop your calories to a little below your normal daily requirement

  • Yeah, losing weight at your current rate is fine. But you are a little disappointed, and given your exercise levels I think I can understand this. Are you counting your calories? Boring, so I don't do it, but I think I would do it if my weight loss slowed down (I've been managing 2lb a week on average since 28 November, which I'm very happy with and is the maximum safe rate anyway). Like you I am doing a lot of exercise as well.

  • I haven't been counting calories but certainly been watching what I eat & with the no alcohol much less calories than before Jan. I wouldn't say on a bad day my calories exceed 1800 and I am exercising too. I guess I just had higher numbers expectations. The comments have been a great support thank you

  • Check out calories they add up, it's more duet than exercise tho

  • You are doing a lot of muscle building activities, I wouldn't be surprised if you have gained some muscle weight but lost fat at the same time.

    Numbers on scales are quite arbitrary. If you just think about it, a body builder can have less than 10% body fat, but still be overweight because muscle weighs more than fat, so bear that in mind.

    Keep up with the exercise - it's really good! I think you should take a weekly measurement around your waist and take a weekly photo of yourself in an outfit that's currently too tight. It's just another way to measure your progress, but I think you'll see good results.

    Your losses are still good so far!

  • I think your losses are pretty decent! I find weeks where I do a lot of exercise, I often don't lose much or any weight, as my body tends to retain water to repair my muscles. I can often put on 2lbs after a long run or strength session and it will take up to a week to drop off. I'm used to it now, so it doesn't phase me too much (but it used to!).

    A big chunk of weight loss is diet, but for me exercise is key to keeping my diet on track and my mind healthy and positive, so exercise really is the key that unlocks it all for me. I know there are lots of others who don't feel that way though. So keep up the good work - you'll feel better for it and the weight will steadily come off and your fitness levels will improve too.

    If you do want to record your calories at any stage, I highly recommend the myfitnesspal app. Once you have it populated with your favourites and some recipes, it takes next to no time to fill in and you can add your exercise (either use their estimates, based on your height and weight, or use your heart rate monitor if you have one) and it gives you an idea of what your daily deficit is, which should roughly predict your weight loss for the week.

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