Totally off the wagon

Well daughters birthday wish to go to Weymouth for the day. What do you do for lunch when by the seaside, eat chips! Met up with Auntie, whose birthday it is in a couple of days, tea and cake. Home now and waiting for other Auntie whose birthday is in a week and the chinese takeaway arrives at 7.30. All I can say is I couldn't eat all the chips and the chinese is probably not going to go down too well either. My tummy is shrinking yey. Back on the wagon tomorrow, hate feeling so stuffed now. Hope you're all having a good evening😊


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7 Replies

  • Well enjoy a bit of the takeaway and then start again.

  • Don't worry - I've just had fish and chips! Loving the break but hating myself. .......

  • Don't hate yourself Janeycakebread1 , we will just be sensible from tomorrow😊

  • Sounds very tasty! Don't let it turn into an unhealthy weekend binge and make sure you do get back on the wagon tomorrow :)

  • aliii I have already written out my menu for next week. I feel so uncomfortable and stuffed that I'm looking forward to sensible eating again. Toast, soup for lunch and small roast dinner tonight with plenty of veg😄

  • I was out on a 60th birthday bash last night and did I fall off the wagon. I thought I'd be good and look at the menu online and work out my calories roughly and planned to have max 2 glasses of wine. I did stick to my menu choices- but had pudding which I didn/t plan to and I had 5 glasses of wine. Was I ill or what!!! still feeling a bit queasy and had planned to go for a walk but still feeling hungover. Though not good it has made me decide never again will I over indulge in alcohol. Usually I am good but definitely went OTT last night with the alcohol. I did weigh myself this morning and have lost weight but probably due to being sick as a dog overnight! I will learn from this, move on and hopefully not repeat the experience again especially the alcohol. I put it down to finishing night shift saturday am and just had 3 hrs sleep since 8am Friday so obviously I was not thinking right!

  • We've had a house full this weekend. They have all now returned to their own homes and life can return to some normality. I'm glad I'm not the only one who fell of the wagon RG07 . I'm now climbing my way back on and thinking if I maintain my weight lose next Friday it will be a miracle. Hope you have now recovered from your night of revelry and have had some sleep😊

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