Depressed & struggling

I've been on my diet since the new year & so far everything has gone relatively smoothly. I've lost 9lb and not struggled too much with hunger. But this weekend I'm struggling with dog is about to be put down, my children are being demanding & my husband was away for 3 weeks which always drains me. Anyway, this depression is making me want to self medicate with binging & smoking (which I also gave up in January). I'm trying really hard to look at my weight loss to date & keep my negative behaviour under control. I had a bowl of rice for lunch to see if carbs would fix the cravings. It's working...just...but I'm holding on by a thread! So, this is just a challenge to get through. If I can maintain this week I'll probably have to be satisfied...but it's hard.


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4 Replies

  • Hi, you are doing great well done. My goal is a stone plus😞 I totally get about your dear dog. I to have a yorkie he will be 14yrs young tomorrow but his not eating very well and legs keep going under its our little kids I say as I can't have children. I am a newbie on here only a couple ofdays but loving the support out there. I lost my dear Mum and Friend Christmas night bless her. It's so easy to Just say only one chocolate or crisps. But it's about our health as well. Please please don't give into having a bing. Stay strong and Healing Energies to you.

  • You poor thing. What a lot to contend with. And how well you have done. I think you have the right attitude, have a healthy treat such as some carbs, not junk or tobacco. I can't believe you've managed to curb two damaging vices. And as a mum myself, children are enough to turn anyone into a wreck when they switch on the challenging behaviour. My god the amount of times I have ' chain smoked' chocolate when my son drove me to despair. Give yourself a huge pat on the back, and buy yourself some fiendishly expensive bubble bath, I like molten brown. And I'm sorry to hear about your dog, lots of cuddles and talking to him/her. X

  • Something really important to remember with depression is that exercise and healthy food are the best sort of 'therapy' you can get.

    Having some junk food however, won't be the end of the world. If you feel you could have one controlled meal or snack so you can just get it off your mind then maybe think about doing that.

    Don't put too much extra stress on yourself at this awful time, when you are feeling better you shouldn't feel guilty as you are just in a bad place right now! I hope you are feeling well soon, remember the reasons you started this journey in the first place and what your goals are :)

  • So sorry about your dog. I love my 14 year old Collie to bits. I feel for you. But look at it this way, why punish yourself by spoiling your good results so far? When you are feeling down, don't hurt yourself further by eating. Try and think of something nice to do, treat yourself in some other way, it doesn't have to be food. X

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