Weigh ins are all getting full!πŸ‘€

Hi, as posts are limited to 200 I wonder if we should limit replies to enable more people to weighin. I notice people do their supportive ones to people in separate replies which takes 3/4 then do their own weighin. If people did this all in one it would drastically cut down and make the thread easier to follow.

The well dones etc are really important but some people, particularly the main poster get a lot of people saying well done and thank you which could be done just by liking the post.

I worry that people might be put off the forum if they feel there is no room for them. How on earth did you cope last year with only Mondays?

Is there any way to extend the reply maximum to say 400?

What do other people think?

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  • if it means more people can weigh in that would be great... but I have to admit it does motivate me more if I get a supportive reply from someone...and hope the ones I put on for others help them too. l also find that the weighin is a great way to get to know the group you are weighing in a bit more as well and then able to support them more..

    Is it really down to the number of replies that stop more from joining?

    I will have to stop directing people to weighin's now haha !

  • I have just scrolled down whole weighin for today - 20 people weighing in out of the 150 odd messages.

    I agree we need the supportive bits - they are vital! It I also think where someone is just saying well done that they could like the reply rather than saying the same thing.

    Of course if replies can be increased but I don't know if moreless can ask about this.

    I have been directing people to our Saturday page but now there is no room as well as trying not to reply on other people's weighin days but it does seem the weigh ins are overstretched.

  • it's probably the time of year as well !

  • We like to see members supporting each other in the weigh-in, but when it gets to 200 replies we have to close it because the post becomes glitchie and breaks down.

  • It will help the weigh-in threads if there are a limited number of replies to each person posting and please can we try not to start up conversations in the weigh -in post as this takes up reply spaces. Thanks.

  • sorry YellowRose55 I won't reply on the Saturday forum anymore so that more can join in as didn't realise I was stopping more people joining.

  • Hey Claz i do the same as you. We all want people to be able to reply! Its the system and the time of year, I agree some if this January newbies will undoubtedly drop off - unlike us who will still be here next Xmas talking about our low carbs and our mini goals x

  • You are fine to reply to the Saturday weigh-in but all we are trying to say is can everyone limit their reply in order for everyone on the list to be able to weigh-in.

  • I agree YellowRose55 its so hard as we all a chatty bunch which is why we are here! I am so grateful to all of your administrators for managing the forum, I hope you don't think I am being critical with this post - I just want more people to gain from the forum x

  • No your fine EllaMidlands supportive as always.

  • I do think the verbal replies are important - but it's also crucial for everyone to have a chance to weigh in. It's a dilemma. Maybe people should only reply to 2 or 3 people.

  • YellowRose55 moreless rather than replies... when you put your post why dont we use the @ 'mention' instead on your own post... . and say our 'well dones etc' within our own post... then at least they know you've seen their post and giving a supportive message & like yours at the same time. that should keep the replies down...

    also if you want to support someone after your own post is submitted you can always edit your post latee and add another comment to the person you want to support later.... Do you think that would help ? they would get an alert to say they've been mentioned so wouldn't miss it !

  • Great ideas, I think currently people think they need to do their well dones separately

  • yeah thats what i thought too... but if you use the @name then it won't get missed rather than them just typing the name without the @ at the front and the person not getting a notification.

  • That's a good idea @Claz ☺

  • Afternoon EllaMidlands and Claz,

    The other administrators and I have been discussing what we can do to alleviate this problem and I will be posting a Sunday weigh-in thread starting tomorrow to try and help. It might be that it isn't popular to weigh in on a Sunday, but we won't know until we try.

    That said, it is very positive that the weigh-ins are so well used and a great weight loss motivator.


  • isou7000 this forum & the weighin's are so important to me as it has kept me on the straight and narrow now for a couple of months and don't know what I'd do without it now.. so don't want others to miss out on the opportunity either..... thanks to all the admin's and support here it's a great place to be x

  • That's great to hear. You're so welcome. It's the members that make it so successful.

    We are a great community 😁

  • How do I get on a weigh in? I'm new and haven't found my way around yet. Thanks.

  • Hi 1stoneup if you look through the posts you will see the weighin for Sunday. Post your starting weight along with any weight you have already lost for the week. An idea of your main goal plus weekly goal is nice too plus I like to know if people are female as obviously this makes a difference to height. Good luck and welcome!

  • Hi isou7000 it is a great problem to have as it shows the forum is working for us. Thanks for continuing to look into it.

  • Exactly :-) You're welcome. Have a nice afternoon :-)

  • You're almost victims of your own success. I was active on here a year ago, but have since moved more to the running sites. I still pop in now and then though and am really impressed with the way things have taken off. Maybe it is the January effect, but there are certainly heaps more people posting than this time last year!

  • I agree its difficult Ella, I didn't reply to people wishing me well because I was poorly as I was afraid of filling up the thread on Weds. I hate the fact that people are trying to weigh in and being told its full :( so hard because once it gets glitchy they can't weigh anyway so its a rock and a hard place!

  • You would understand the situation more than anyone, Kate, as you were rarely able to log onto the Monday weigh-in's due to them being too full.

    We have asked HU on many occasions if they can do something to extend the capacity of the site to allow for longer threads, but, unfortunately to no effect.

    We had to introduce a second thread, for the old Monday weigh-in's, to alleviate matters, but are loathe to do the same again, because then we'll be in the position of being tied to the forum, on a full time basis.

    It's difficult at the moment, because January's are historically the busiest time of the year and we do expect things to calm down after the post Christmas panic. We can already see names disappearing, sadly.

    We don't want to have to turn people away, because the weigh-in's are so important and I think more use of the tagging and editing facilities that we have, would help a lot, Claz

    We're grateful that you care enough to want to help keep things running and for your continued support for us and each other. We will get this sorted out, come hell, or high water! :)

  • moreless thank you for taking time to work on this, it's sad to hear names are going now January is nearly over. Hope those same poor folk didn't sign up for gym membership for 6 months!

  • I think that's a worrying possiblity, Ella.

    We're very concerned that people should be given all the support that they need, when they need it, hence Anna61's January Amnesty challenge.

    I'm sure that together, we'll come up with the solution :)

  • Hi i must admit i like it when i get a like it means someone has taken the bother to look at my post and like it. I have essential tremor and6 it takes me ages to type a message then I hit the delete button by mistake and have to start again, i wish I could take part more often in the day to day post's but I do enjoy reading them onwards and downwards πŸ‘

  • That's really good to know rosie-2015 ☺

    Thank you for posting ☺

  • Hi Rosie-2015. I know this is off topic and I don't know if you'll find the following useful... but if you're using Windows you may find the Desktop Speech Recognition app useful. It took me 2 minutes to set it up just now. I messed around with it for 5 mins with varying success. It looks quite powerful once you've mastered it but as I was only using the built in mic on my laptop this may have hindered its understanding of me (or perhaps my English pronunciation isn't at the level that I thought it was).

  • Hi i really do appreciate you letting me know about it i have thought about it but i'm not really too computer literate i mostly use my phone then the other side of it is i hate having to accept that i need it i really do appreciate your reply it means so much to me that you went the extra mile 😘😘😘 Rosie xxx

  • Yes, a like to me means people hear me which is a good thing.

  • The important thing is that the daily weigh-in's are a resounding success, and thanks to everybody responding and cheering each other on, the person hosting no longer has to sit at the computer for 18 hours solid ☺

    Big well done to all of us ☺☺☺

  • i agree Anna61 .. it definately is working and more people are supporting each other now x

  • Is that was used to happen Anna61 ? Gosh, what a lot of work!

  • I think Claz has a good idea perhaps we could do a model reply to show how to do it?

  • Something like:

    Well done to xx and xxx for losing . Gosh xxxx you are nearly in the 16s. Don't worry xxxxx that you haven't lost / have put on - bet you smash it next week.

    Last week I weighed 19 stone exactly. This week I have lost 2lb which I am pleased with because I have eaten well but not moved much.

    Good luck to everyone for a successful week. Us Super Saturday Slimmers are the best! πŸ₯—

  • This looks great to me

  • also I think an explanation on how you actually tag someone in as well might help... so people need to type @ and then start typing the members name and a list will start to appear... they then need to select that persons name from the list to get it to 'mention' that person and for them to receive a notification.

    Can you tell I work in IT haha

  • Hey Claz , my clever m8,

    How do you add in a reference to another post on a mobile?

    How do you add a photo if it isn't your post?

    How can I obliterate all competition so I am the biggest loser? Lol x

  • I dont think you can add a photo as a reply only your own post.

    For adding links to other posts I just copy & paste the link in the search bar and paste it into my post x

    im good but im afraid i can't help with obliterating everyone else on here so you are the biggest loser haha...

  • Hey @claz look you typed lover instead of loser - brilliant! Have you been talking to my husband?

  • haha ... so i did... Good job I can use edit ! you do make me laugh !

  • What a spoilt sport. My OH says I am biggest lover anyway. I said not as big as I used to be.

  • Im sat in the lounge with my OH and ive just told him what I'd put and he thought it was very funny too...

  • I am just a loser lover you and Claz are making me laugh- then again I am drunk 😡

  • haha... glad your having a good night out ?

  • I am a total lightweight and on my way home 🏑 I blame calorie countin! Totally unused to alcohol 🍺

  • I had a night out on Wednesday and only had 2 drinks myself... that all I've had since 1st Jan... and i've not missed it..

  • This totally explains your low step count yesterday Nicola!!! I'm an absolute light weight too.

  • Never again

  • Yes Claz I was just about to say I would be happy to mention others in my own post but no idea how to do the @ mention thing! Can it be done on an iPad I don't have a computer?

  • yes.. I only use my phone & ipad and I can do it... give it a go...

  • Claz yes! LolπŸ˜€πŸ‘

  • Oh my, I didn't realise that my leaving so many messages in support on weigh in day would be causing people not to be able to weigh in! In future I will just like and follow EllaMidlands example postπŸ˜„

  • But it's good to support people ☺ Even if it's just a 'like' ☺

  • What about having an AM and PM daily weigh-in with the cut-off being 12 noon. That would then double the space

  • It used to be like that but it meant the hosts/ admins were anchored to their computer all day .

  • If all the post holder has to do is put the post on then it wouldn't be so bad as everyone else would reply, the problem with 2 on a day is when you are trying to find specific people.

  • I'm sorry you feel that way Elissy πŸ˜• But I hope you agree the old system was getting too big and creating far too much work for just one or two people?

    The new format will take a few weeks to settle down, especially as overall numbers are up, so in that respect the daily weigh-in's are a huge success. No one is saying you have to count how many people to support, by limiting the number of weighers this limits the length of the thread. If you have any other suggestions please share. ☺

    Best wishes


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