Morning all!

I'm a newbee to the group so wanted to do a brief intro. I'm 32, married with 2 young daughters. I've always struggled a bit with my weight (hovering around the 95kg mark) and at 5ft 11" this gives me a higher BMI than I'd like. Over the last couple of weeks I've been weighing myself and am really please with the results so far.

Starting weight was 91.8kg and I lost 1.1kg in week 1, 1.4kg in week 2 and 1.5kg this week. Total of 4kg lost in 3 weeks so really pleased with the results. I know every week wont be such a success so wanted to join a group to get that extra motivation and support which is needed to succeed.

Ideally I'd like to get down to 80kg (currently 87.8kg) and I'm trying hard to pick up my running again.

Anyway, hope you're all enjoying your Saturdays and be great to hear from some of you.

Best wishes,



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5 Replies

  • Welcome Steve, I believe you are in the right place and will be able to help others as much as they are helping you. It's a friendly place and you can feel the good wishes oozing through the ether. We are all here for the same reason, whatever the weight loss goal.

    Enjoy the journey and keep up the posts. Ceals

  • Hello stevebrown1984 ☺ Good to know about little more about you ☺

    I replied to your other post so please check that out too ☺

    Have a good weekend ☺ Onwards and downwards as we say ☺

  • Morning stevebrown1984

    Welcome to the weight loss forum. If you want to join in with the weigh-in today just go to the Home page and look for the Events section on the right hand side or if on a mobile at the bottom. Click on today's date and come join us all.

    Have a good weekend.


  • Hi .Steve, Sounds like you have made a good start, and with a realistic attitude. I hope you will find us very supportive on this forum for good days, when we will celebrate your succcess and progress and for bad days when it's not working or you fall off the wagon. There is such a lot of good advice on here too, worth spending an hour having a look round. Get your wife on board too, with cooking healthy meals for the whole family. I love the Hairy Dieters cookbooks, and so does my husband. It doesn't ever feel like you're weight watching with their delicious recipes! Good luck anyway, and stay with us.

  • Thanks for the advise. My wife is well on board and half of rhe reason I'm doing it :) we'll check the book out and commit to get fit! Have a great week

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