Any good creams for skin firming? 🍓

Hi. I bought Dove Uplifted half price in Asda last week but no idea if it will make any difference. I am trying to prevent loose skin from being a problem. (Yes I am exercising)

Has anyone found a cream that works? I am using some Perricone Cold Plasma gunk for chin, neck, seems good so far but only had it 2 days and it cost an arm and a leg so it had better work or I will be sending it back to QVC!

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  • There are mixed opinions on this subject EllaMidlands ☺ I do moisturise with some success ☺

  • It's a good question EllaMidlands and I'm afraid I don't have an answer - but I shall be very interested to see if anyone else does. I just use L'Oreal Age Perfect on my face (which seems to be doing a decent job of holding back fine lines due to ageing) and Intense body moisturiser by Dove elsewhere, and keep my fingers crossed!

  • Thanks for replying Dietbunny i probably put the post up at the wrong time, it's a shame you can't bump posts up so people see it.

  • Well, your post came up in my daily digest, as it were, so I think people will see it if they log on, but maybe not so many people are looking on a Saturday because it's the weekend?

  • What's a daily digest? What am I missing??

  • You can sign up for a daily email with links to all the latest posts on the forums you are interested in. See your name at the top of the page. There is a drop down arrow. Choose account settings and tick the relevant boxes.

  • Yes, as @Windswept has said, you need to click on the arrow next to your name at the top of the page. If you then look at 'Settings' you can choose your communications in the Account Settings/Contact Preferences section. Personally, I like to have a daily email with a summary of what's new. In fact most of the boxes there are ticked in my account settings!

  • Hi Ella

    I use bio oil on my face and body. Just a little on my face and neck.

    I've been using it for quite a while and am really pleased with it. A bottle costs £8 in Primark and the exact same thing is £14 in Waitrose.

  • I am no skin expert but I would have thought that applying cream and other concoctions is a waste of time and money. Probably provide short term results. The skin, being an organ, requires fluids; water. This keeps it pliable and healthy. Cream would be absorbed and prevent water uptake into the cells. Vitamin D is probably the best solution. You get that from the Sun. So, do your walking outside. If you hear otherwise, let me know. I may be facing the same issue.

  • I do think moisturiser helps - I don't think it stops water from being absorbed as water comes from inside rather than topically applied. If I don't moisturise my face then it gets dry so think the body is the same. I agree it might not be able to tighten the skin tho SlimmingEagle but if it looks smoother that might be better than nothing. I see celebrities that lose weight that then look older - I am trying to avoid that. Plus rubbing some cream in distracts me from eating! Putting cucumber in my eyes stops me from seeing the way to the fridge!🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒

  • I use Tranquillity Skin Care Serums I buy it on Ebay it is a company based in London. I used to use expensive stuff elemis & Gatinaeu. So it's been very tried and tested by me. I can get excema but not with there products. I use ones with Matrixyl all natural etc. You can buy it direct & Amazonbut more pricey. Hope this helps TTFN

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