Brand new and confused!!!


So I thought I'd try the NHS diet plan but there's so much information I don't know where to start 😩 as someone who has always just ate what I fancied eating I'm finding it difficult to understand what my daily allowance of carbs, protein, sugar etc should be. I thought I would log everything on my fitness plan and wanted to edit the nutrition information to suit me but I have no idea what they should be. Please help!!!


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  • Hi, welcome. How much weight do you want to lose? Are you female?

  • Hello Ella yes I'm female and wanting to lose 4 stone

  • Hi. I have never looked at the NHS plan. It seems to me most people on here either calorie count using the recommended calories for their height and activity levels or people do low carb diets. Personally I have cut out bread, pasta, rice, potatoes and started cooking every meal from scratch. For first time in my life weight is falling off although I still have 7 stone to go. I don't like calorie counting as it made me think about food too much.

    There is weigh in on here every day apart from Sunday, I am on the Saturday one. The weighin is great for recording how you are doing - good or not. The thing I like about the forum is that everyone on here has same focus, I find it easier here to be honest than with my skinny friends. Good luck - think about joining tomorrow's weighin!

  • I was thinking of doing calorie counting and low carbs (I love pasta far too much) I think my main issue tho is takeout and easy quick meals which generally are unhealthy. I think cooking from scratch is going to be a good starting point for me I will have to stock up on healthy cookbooks! I didn't know about the weigh in i'll take a look thanks 😊

  • I eat meat or fish with veg. We just stir fry it with some spice and a few sprays of olive oil. Serve with veg. I am amazed how quick and easy it is. We eat out at pub once a week and somewhere like Nando's once but I make good choice like chicken and salad. I am a lazy cook so we even buy frozen chopped onions but hey - whatever works! Good luck

  • Oh that's great advice thanks. I know I need more veg in my diet I just need to break bad habits and create new good ones. Thanks you have been most helpful 😊

  • Hi hdarcy

    Welcome to the weight loss forum.

    Start by having a look at the Welcome Newbies post in the pinned post section on the right hand side or at the bottom if on a mobile. The nhs 12 week plan and BMI checker are included in the post.

    Have a look at our challenges also in the pinned post. Read some of the post in the Topic section just below the pinned post.

    Our weigh-in are run from Monday to Saturday. Monday to Wednesday are full but feel free to join us any day from Thursday to Saturday. You can find the weigh-in posted in the Events on the home page.

    Have a good week.


  • Hello Rose,

    I'll have a look now thanks for pointing this out I didn't see it 😊

  • It takes a while to find your way around the site ☺ Please ask if you have any questions or would like a Newbie badge.

    With regards to eating the correct balance of protein carbohydrates etc have a look at the NHS guide to portions. It's in the 'resources' section of the forum.

    Best wishes


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