I never seem to get full

Ive been struggling with weight following the death of my wife , Ive Iways been a big lad but quite fit, rugby player and enjoyed mountain bike riding. My problem kow is never seeming full up and I graze in the evenings never seeming to be full. Ive given upo the booze and have lost 5 stone but still need to lose another 5 stone but am really struggling. During the day Im ok but at home, in the evening a sensible portioned meal just doesnt stop me wanting to eat. Any ideas


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  • Hi, welcome and well done on losing 5 stone - moreless can we get a badge for this young man? How about leaving more calories for the evening if this is when you get hungry? Does exercise help? If you have had enough calories it's probably about keeping yourself busy. I find myself starving when I leave work so added in some protein at this time which helped a lot so I actually eat 4 times. Good luck

  • congrats on losing 5 stone, I find evenings worse by binge picking, then skip eating during the day, I'm starting this w/end, eat nothing after 7pm, I've lost 14 lbs and don't like yoyoing and put it all back on, I have 4 stone to lose, all my clothes are tight :)

  • Firstly I'd like to say that I'm sorry that your wife has died. You don't say how long ago that was but it's obviously a huge a difficult event.

    I find it very difficult not to graze if I'm bored. What could you do to keep busy? Do you have any interests that could take place in the evenings?

  • Hi, firstly congratulations on losing that amount of weight that is a massive achievement :) I have come across this today nhs.uk/Livewell/loseweight/... I am going to give it a go so maybe you could too :) Like the other comments you need a hobby or interest to keep you busy or maybe do a work out such as a walk round the block to begin with...start small and aim big...we all have dreams and aspirations despite how old we get...have a lovely weekend :)

  • Hi SteveSPC and welcome to the forum.

    Firstly well done on losing 5 stone that is an amazing achievement and I will get you a badge to honour that as motivation if you would like one?

    I'm sorry to hear of your loss. Bereavement is a hard one to deal with and many of our members, including myself have resorted to comfort eating or extra grazing to try and deal with the pain. Do you have someone to talk to about it? If not, you can always log on here as everyone is very caring and offers good impartial advice.

    Have a look at the Welcome Newbies post in the pinned posts (right of the screen on a pc and at the bottom on a mobile). It contains some great information for navigating your way around the site. Also check out your calorie allowance on the BMI calculator as this will give you a personal allocation for your weight and height.

    You might be interested in following the 12 week weight loss plan and / or the couch to 5km.

    We run weigh-ins every day. At the moment Thursday, Saturday and Sunday are our least busy days if you would be interested in joining one?

    Any questions please ask.

    Best of luck ☘


  • Hello SteveSPC and welcome to the weight loss forum ☺ and very well done on losing 5 stones ☺☺☺

    Hunger is a problem for me too, I struggle to judge when I've eaten adequately . A few tricks I've learnt are to eat slower, chewing food for longer, and eating more protein for better satiety. Evening nibbling (without hunger) is a habit that is tough to break, but it can be done. Just a few evenings of not nibbling can make it easier. 😕

    Good luck and Best wishes for your weight loss ☺


  • hi. welcome to the forum... maybe you need to drink more water on an evening to see if your actually hungry or just bored !

    My husband does the 16:8 diet which allows him to eat between 12-8pm so he now stops at 8pm as he knows that he can't eat anything else. This was always his snacking time but sInce starting the diet on 1st Jan he has lost 1 stone already..

    As others have said maybe a hobby will help or do some exercise to take your mind off eating.

    Good luck x

  • Talking to us on here instead of looking round trying to find something to eat is good. I've been where you are now. My first husband died very suddenly 13 years ago. I spent a long time stuffing my face, trying to fill the hole in my life. It didn't work. Gradually you will work that out. My friends were the ones who rescued me eventually. I'm sure you have friends, but we on here can also be your friends, Steve. 😊😊😊

  • Hi ya Steve 5 stone that's amazing. Have you thought about joining a gym in the evening. A friend if mine did he hated it at first. Now can't stay away

  • Hi SteveSPC - I was just looking through the replies to your post and really liked a couple of the suggestions there - the link through to the healthy (and beautiful looking!) snacks and also that of joining a local gym. My own thought was similar, try something different, for example, how about joining a local choir? It is sociable and great fun and gets you out of the house and doing something constructive in the evening. If it really is local, you could walk there and back and fit in some additional exercise too!

    PS Well done on that fantastic 5 stone loss, BTW!

  • well done you should be so proud of yourself losing so much weight and giving up the booze especially after your loss. Have you thought about adult learning it can teach you new skills and also you get a chance to socialise. Evenings are difficult for most of us as we have more time to think about food especially if we're alone. I don't mean to be rude and I hope you don't take offence but after your bereavement have you become depressed as this can add to our need to eat. If so try some mindfulness training to help improve your well being. Can I wish you every success on your lifes journey. Keep posting we'll help you as much as we can.

  • Keeping busy and getting absorbed in something non-food related helps to combat comfort eating (could be fitness related, doing a jigsaw, colouring, diy etc).

    The couch 25k programme really helped me to get fit & to build up mental resilience and stamina.

    Join in this forum lots if you can....

    Keep going, you can do it!!!

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