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Too much salt? Not enough water?


Despite following what I believe to be a healthy eating plan, I have lost no weight whatsoever. A friend commented that I may be consuming too much salt which can lead to water retention, or not drinking enough water.

I think my salt levels are okay as I cook most of my meals and don't add extra salt, but I'm sure I don't drink enough water.

Does anyone know how much water we should be drinking in a day?


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I believe the absolute minimum is 1.5L and you should aim for 2-3L a day. I struggle to even get a litre though, this shouldn't be completely limiting on your weight loss. Have you raised your activity, as well as improving your diet?

Cavaco in reply to Hidden

Improved diet, and increased activity to no avail. I'm going for 'Fitbit February' to see if more exercise helps, and also to have a full record of my calorie intake because if nothing has happened through February I'm off to seek professional help.

NHS 12 weeks weight loss plan state no less than 1.2 L, you have other diets saying at 1.5 L. If you 're breast feeding ,you need more. But be aware not to drink too much during a short period time (you can google to see why).

Itsbab4 stone

Hi I try to have 1.5 litres but during the summer I was ok now I admit I find it hard to drink enough water alone. I have plenty of teas, fruit ones etc but sometimes as it's cold now I have hot water with lemon/lime.

Cavaco in reply to Itsbab

I drink tea occasionally but am not really a fanb of hot drinks. I do however rather like a glass of vimto! (no sugar added of course)


Conventional wisdom says eight glasses a day. But no one actually knows where this idea comes from! It doesn't have to be water. Any fluids will hydrate you and lots of foods too. The best test to tell if you are drinking enough is to check the colour of your pee. It should be pale straw coloured and inoffensive. If it is darker than this, you are probably dehydrated. (If it smells weird, you've probably been eating asparagus!) Seriously though, we are not good at recognising thirst. We often mistake thirst for hunger. A good rule of thumb is to have a drink. If you still feel hungry ten minutes later, you probably are. The rest of the time, drink whenever you want to, (and check your pee.)

Thanks, I often realise I'm thirsty when I start to get a headache which is clearly far too late!

Adding a slice of lemon to your water can help get rid of excess water - give that a try.

Take measurements too - you could be losing fat, and not realise it. Measurements will tell you.

Cavaco in reply to Cooper27

thanks, I'll try that.

I'm definitely not losing anything - there's no change to how my clothes fit.

If what you're doing isn't working, try something else. Try looking at other healthy eating plans like the Mediterranean diet, or perhaps adapt your diet to increase your vegetable intake while lowering your carbs. What you eat is as important as how much you eat.

nanashonRestart June 2020

Im sure I also dont drink enough water...Im going to start making sure I drink more!

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