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Time to get fit for good

I had to go to the doctors yesterday as I've been unwell on and off for over a month now and whilst there I had my blood pressure taken which apparently is high and got to go back next week for another check.

I'm 51 and have been over weight most of my adult life.

I now need to lose at least two stone and get fit before it's too late.

I don't want to go on medication for the rest of my life for blood pressure.

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Morning, 51 here also and I came back on this site yesterday and this time I need to buckle down and lose some weight!!

I am on BP meds and have been for many years now..I have white coat so it always goes up at the doctors but if I could lose weight it will help!!

We can do this!! 🙈


I started back at Slimming World a couple of weeks ago but have had one cold after another recently and have now been signed off work for a further week so have not concentrated on my diet or done any exercise but hopefully by next week I'll be feeling better and will be able to get out for some walks weather permitting.

Good luck with your quest let me know how it's going.


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Hi, sorry to hear your unwell, yes you can concentrate on this when you are better!

I also joined slimming world after Christmas...lasted two weeks then left!!! Have weighed in on here this morning however day one hasnt gone to plan!!! Tomorrow is another day!!



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