Any low caloried snacking. grazing ideas please help ..😊

Well I'm sticking to diet 😊very pleased with myself but so hard sometimes specially in evenings. ..I don't even go into my kitchen after 6pm stops me picking at things..but lost 8lbs so far .another 2st 12lbs to go and feeling strong enough to do it....😊good luck to all others losing weight 👍and any body got any ideas for low calorie tasty snack foods ..would appreciate if you share x

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  • These are some of the snacks I am trying at the moment: 70 (kcal) alpen bars, choc shot (14kcal) on fruit, thin rice crackers (29kcal) with low fat Philadelphia, apple with peanut butter, go ahead apple crispy slices (57 kcal each), yushoi snappea rice stick 'crisps' (90kcal), sugar snap peas or any sort of low calorie protein bar/shake after exercise (<200kcal) :)

  • Thanks for ideas apple and peanut butter sounds tasty I'll give it a try also tip for you twiglets 25grms 103 cals and sweet popcorn 20gms 118 cals ..plain even lower...nice nibbles...good luck ya self 😊 no no cheating in the evenings. .be strong

  • Try kale chips

  • Can you tell us how you make them low fat please?

  • I have just recently found something called Fibre one, it's like a small cake but only 87 calories! You can get lemon drizzle, salted caramel or chocolate brownie! They are fab :)

  • Thanks ..I'll keep my eyes open when doing shopping and give it a try ..all info helps

  • I like caramel rice cakes 50 cals each, WW choc bar 76 cals, sugar snap peas and carrot sticks.

  • You could try Metcalfe's Skinny Popcorn, only 78 calories a bag if you can find the 6 x 17g bag multipacks, and because it's not a bar, you tend to be slower finishing it, which prolongs the enjoyment! I use it as a telly treat some evenings.

    Helpfully, The Telegraph ran an article on the healthy-or-not virtues of popcorn (I remember it first being touted as healthy when Madonna was said to eat it during one of her weightloss periods years back) and some brands are horrendously high in sugar and fat: see

    The key element (once you have chosen your 'healthy' brand) is the size of portion - of course! And if, like me, you have high blood pressure then any salted flavour will need to be avoided.

    Otherwise, I love Petit Filous (just started buying them again for me as my children loved them when they were little) mixed with some blueberries or other fruit. A good calorie count at around 50 cal per 50 g pot and calcium rich.

  • I like fromage frais ..I'll pixk some up in shop thanks for tips also twiglets 103 cals for 25gms there very tasty

  • I eat rice cakes with sugar free marmelade. Yummy. Fruit is great too.

  • Almonds, cashews, sultanas and mini wheat Shreddies with apricot filling. BUT all in moderation! All good fortune, evening snacking is my Achilles Heel!

  • Not good getting peckish in the evening is it ...thanks for ideas's some for you if you struggling twiglet's 25grms 103 cals and they take a while to eat .if you have sweet tooth 20 gms sweet popcorn 118 cals plain is lower...and 1pint low calorie jelly with 1/4 tin of fruit cocktail the whole thing 50 cals so you can totally pig out ..good luck x

  • Hi. Thanks for that. Snacking in the evenings is a matter of will-power, or lack of it! I'm doing ok though dropped 22 lbs since last September, and got my blood sugar back to normal AND got my BMI into healthy range. So looking forward to my retirement continuing in a healthy manner. Only trouble is healthy eating i.e. Lots of green veg knocks my INR (blood clotting index) for six! As I'm on warfarin for suspect DVT it's a nuisance. but onwards and downwards!

  • Well done with 20lbs weight loss it must help with health alot..I'm looking to lose another 2 1/2 stone..but I'm at the stage where I know I can ando will do it with determination...good luck in your journey n your health ☺

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