How many calories in a deli sandwich?

My favourite sandwich is a nutty nanny - granary roll, goat's cheese, salad leaves, and pine nuts - but I have no idea how many calories it contains. Found a solution today that might help others in a similar dilemma.

I ordered two sandwiches and ate the first one for lunch. The second one I took home to dissect, weigh, and calculate its calorie content. Quite a shock to find it contains 678 calories... but it was a cold miserable day, and I'm not eating much for dinner tonight :-)

Now need to find someone in the office to share the second sandwich tomorrow...

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  • Wow that's a lot of calories, even Greggs do an under 300 calorie range now, although, I have to say I generally make my own. Doesn't really matter though if you are still within calories and not hungry.

  • I usually make my own too but occasionally hanker after this one cos it's so delicious... and filling. However, now I know how many calories I'll find someone to go halves with in future :-)

  • A little of what you fancy does you good!

  • Now I know what's in it, will only be able to have a little bit of what I fancy :-D

  • Gosh 678 calories is whopping for your sandwich Orcadian , a great example on how some prepared foods can really trip you up. Thanks for reminding us to where possible make your own lunch and beware of yummy deli sandwiches

    :) Saves money too !

  • I've done that before too!!! My stilton and bacon deli sandwich was delicious, but soooo high in calories! It's now a rarer treat!

  • It really amazes me how calorific most bought sandwiches are. It's as though the shops are deliberately trying to cram the calories in.

    You could try making your own version at home, where you can get the flavoyur, but control the ingredients so that it comes in at around 350 cals tops. I'm sure that's possible to do.

  • The sandwich is in a huuuggge granary roll, so a small version would be easy (and cheaper) to make. I shall probably just treat myself occasionally and split it in two to cover lunch for a couple of days.

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