I love poppadums and Indian food just isn't the same without them! These ones are only 41 calories each! I know it says they are for frying, but you can just stick them in the microwave for 30 secs each to pop them - you don't need oil or anything. Found them in Asda, but you can probably get them in lots of shops. I had 3 for lunch with a bowl of dahl, mmm.


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5 Replies

  • I love poppadums too, but unfortunately don't have an off switch, which means I'd end up eating the whole packet!! :o

    Well done you for showing such enviable self-control :)

  • Well I had 3 for lunch and plan to have 3 for dinner so I don't feel like I'm holding back - and the rest of the family will polish offthe rest so there wwon't be leftovers!! I darent buy them too often though!

  • I love them too . Off to Asda after running group tonight to hunt out a pack :-)

  • I also love poppadums even the ready fried ones aren't so high in cals and they're wheat free which is great news for my digestion. I like putting a few mini poppadums on top of a bowl of rice, daal and salad, adds texture :) But it's an occasional treat really :)

  • We have curry probably once a week , so its good to know a couple of poppadums will be fine, especially as i dont always have rice. I made a Keralan fish curry this week.....and discovered to my utter shock that 50g of coconut oil had 450 calories! In fact the tin of coconut milk plus the coconut oil was more than half the calories of the whole meal! (the grand total was 1700 between 4 of us) It tasted and smelt amazing though, but might modify the recipe a little bit next time!

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