Cheesy puffs faux-pas

Hello All! I have been following very seriously the diet for the past 3 weeks. Writing down everything I eat, realising how much I was eating and how much better I am doing now. I have a regular exercise routine where I go to the gym everyday. I have had the wonderful reward of losing 1stone in 3 weeks (which is half of my target).

Yesterday after a(n other) terrible day at work, I just couldn't resist and had a full bag of cheesy puffs. I feel terrible and very ashamed. I was wondering if any of you had any suggestions of how to deal with situation like this! For me a bad day was always synonym of comfort food and wine. Staying away from alcohol is fine but snacks is a lot more difficult. Any recommendation is welcome :) Thanks,


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10 Replies

  • Record how many calories they cost you and add them to your daily total consumed - honesty about everything you eat is absolutely paramount - on the occasional days I hit the chocolate and go way over my calorie allowance I always calculate it and write it down so at least I'm not kidding myself that it doesn't matter or beating myself up without the true picture

    You will always have days like this - that's life - if we didn't we wouldn't need the help on this forum

    The secret is to record it, pick yourself up, dust yourself down and start over again - one bad day doesn't ruin your weight loss journey forever and you should never be ashamed for being human

  • Thanks Annabelle, makes me feel a lot better. True I shouldn't be ashamed for being human, some part of me think I should be able to exert some self control :) lol!! Today will be a better calorie day

  • Bad luck having a bad day at work. But don't worry about the cheesy puffs! There's are definitely worse things. Falling off the wagon happens to all of us - what matters is that you get back on! You sound very determined and you've made huge progress so far, so please don't let 1 bad day derail you! You might find your weight loss slows down a bit anyway, so be prepared for your second stone to be more of a saunter than a sprint!

  • Ok so you stopped at a bag of cheesy puffs no problem👍 I have had similar during the week but just added them into my allowance you know what they say "A little of what you fancy does you good" no damage done your back on track and raring to go.😊

  • pretty much sums up the sound I made when I hoovered them all !

  • In the whole scheme of things, elphie, it's a very minor blip and everyone has given you great advice :)

    I just wanted to say that you didn't turn up at the weigh-in yesterday, was that deliberate, or did you just forget. I wanted to give you a little reminder, if it was the latter :)

  • I did forget I am very sorry - I tried to go today and couldn't find the page (again) I am pretty useless with technology

  • Go to the home page, look on the right hand side, or right at the bottom, if you're using a mobile. You'll see Events and the only thing in it, is the link to today's weigh-in :)

    Good luck! :)

  • I have the same problem with food & snacks. When tired or troubled about anything I can binge. Not good. So I'm a very light drinker now I've grown up at last. So my solution is remove the snacks but have healthy nibbles at hand. Drink water. Good luck & all the best for the future. G

  • Hi Elphie,

    Simplest solution to overeating is Just Forget It and move on.

    You haven't committed a crime.

    Accept the fact that you like something and its okay to overindulge once a while.

    Do not play the Headmaster Vs Student game in your head.

    Just leave it at that and move on. There is always a tomorrow. A diet never breaks due to one excess food binge. But the lingering guilt can play up again and again.

    So Move On. Enjoy the journey. Love yourself.. Every bit of You :-)

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