Hi all. Need some advice. Have stuck rigidly to my healthy eating plan and been doing the couch to 5K but only on 2nd week!! I lost 5 lbs in my first week which I was delighted about. However, this week, the scales just haven't moved!!! Is this normal?? I'm the sort of person that needs to keep seeing an improvement otherwise I will just give up! Any advice, hints, tips, kicks up the bum very welcome. Thanks in advance.


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6 Replies

  • I don't think you need a kick up the bum :) a good average weightloss is 1-2lbs a week. So to lose 5lb in one week is amazing! Your body is experiencing a lot of changes and it may have decided to hold onto a bit of weight this week. DONT give up. Try to view it as 2.5lb loss for last week and this week if it makes u feel better! :) if the scales don't move next week then maybe you need to slightly adjust something, but I think if you hold on until next week you'll get there.

    Weight loss is a journey with lots of ups and downs and if we give up everytime we hit a bump then what's the point?? :) focus on more than just the scales. Your body shape. The way your clothes fit. And the way you feel - all signs that you're doing the right thing and the scales will catch up eventually! :)

  • hey am so new here so i might not know much but i know sometimes we have to be patient a little bit more. Don t give up yet.you got results on your first week so i will also get results on this other week...patience and consistency

  • Be patient. You had a huge loss last week. Keep going , remember you are doing this for you and only you can do it 😀

  • Hang on in there T2801

    For some slimmers it may be best to weigh in every fortnight or even monthly. Salt can retain quite a lot of water and this may have happened to you. Keep going, stay posting and don't give up whatever happens.

    Have a good talk to yourself and write a list about how your life will be better when you lose those extra unwanted pounds .

    Sending a large dose of determination to you xx :)

  • Hey T2801 How are you doing? Thinking of you and wanting to catch up...

  • Thinking of you and hoping your still checking in on the forum. The more you get involved the more encouragement you'll find on here.

    Hoping to hear from you...💐💐💐💐

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