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Another NSV

This morning I decided that my Superdry coat, as much as I love it, just wasn't cutting it when it came to the weather this morning. The only other coat I have, when I bought it year before last, did fit snugly, but then I gained weight and it would barely go around my hips and chest.

I thought I would try it out again, in the hopes I would be able to keep warmer, it has now gone back to being the same snug fit as it was when I bought it! I can now happily wear it again :) And hopefully it will continue to feel bigger. It is a size 14, I am not a size 14, I am an 18, but sizes are all over the place anyway! So I'm not getting my hopes up of fitting in to my 14s any time soon!

Yet to see progress on the Superdry coat (it does up, just VERY snugly! Hence why it was so cold, as I have it open 99% of the time!) But that will be the next one for me to shrink in to, hopefully for spring, as it is slightly more of a spring coat, than winter.

Onwards and downwards everyone. NSV are definitely more rewarding than just seeing the numbers go down!

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I have two beautiful coats, a red wool one and a bright green waterproof that I'm working down towards - to keep me going, as I start a new job in a few weeks and my tatty old fleece just won't cut it, I picked up a lovely bright blue wool coat with a fairly expensive label from a local hospice charity shop for £14 - I get an interim coat for a reasonable price and they get some dosh for the hospice - win win!


NSV's are great aren't they?! One of the incentives that kept me going was to fit back into my favourite clothes 😊


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