Fed up 😭

Well here I am back again....I seem to be going round in circles...have a good week, lose a pound, have a bad day gain a pound!! Agh!!!

I can have very focused days but it doesnt take much for me to then go off track!!!!

Sounds like an excuse but it is so much harder now at 51!! Not as easy to lose it!!

My weight has been hovering around 12 12 but yesterday was sittng over 13 stones!! I am no longer a member of the gym but have found a place in a near town with some good classes...zumba clubbercise etc so I have started going there!!

Im going to take time tonight and read through this forum and get motivated!!!!!!!


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  • Welcome back, nanashon, there have been a few changes since you were last here, not least, daily weigh-in's. If you'd like to join today's, you'd be more than welcome, the link can be found in the Events section, to the right of the home page, bottom if you're using a mobile :)

    Wishing you all the best :)

  • thanks moreless...I will have a look

  • Hi nanashon, if you sit and read through this forum you won't have too much trouble finding that motivation. My best tip, make sure you check what your calorie allowance is. I have actually increased my calories since joining this forum and don't feel hungry, in fact some days I can't eat them all and I'm loosing weight which in itself helps to motivate me. (I'm 54 by the way) Good luck😊

  • I try and keep to the 1400 calorie allowance but I found out what me calorie allowance and if I go over the 1400, as long as I am less than my lowest calorie allowance which for me is 1600 I am ok with it. I let myself have an occassional treat and since I am calorie counting I take it as part of my allowance so alter what I planned to eat if possible to account for the unexpected treat

  • thank you for that advice :-)

  • Please don't be tempted to eat too few calories. Have a look at this :)


  • Hi I think you are right in the fact it's so much harder to loose weight the older you get but for me at 56 it's a case of my dad telling me when you reach 50 that's the point if you don't start looking after yourself things can start going wrong last year my aching knees,hip and ankles told me that plus the breathlessness when walking uphill.

    It's brill you have exercise classes nearby and feel confident to join them that will be my next step.

    You can do this why not give yourself a mini goal say to get to 12st by Easter it's quite a way off the lighter nights will be arriving so you could treat yourself with a day at the seaside etc.

    Good luck 😊👍

  • Hey yup good idea....mini goals are the way to go!! I do enjoy the classes but need to go a bit more regularly...or I need to get the zumba dvd :-)

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