weird changes that make a difference

Hi everyone,

This might be an odd idea for a post but I thought we could share changes we've made that be making a small but helpful difference to our weight loss journey.

I'll go first so:

Instead of putting a spread on toasted bread when I absolutely must have some, I rub a clove of garlic on it. It gives the bread a lovely flavour and it stops me from consuming extra fats/sugars. I started that a few months ago and credit my increase in garlic for my good health this winter.

Anyone have any other funny little tips?

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  • Wouldn't call it particularly 'funny' but when making my sandwich for work now I only spread butter (a lot more thinly than I used to) on one of the two slices of bread. I'm actually beginning to wonder if I can cut butter out altogether.

  • Mine isn't funny either but it amuses me how much I enjoy the change in approach. Maybe give no spread a go tomorrow and see how you get on? Might work, especially if your sandwich is made of something not too dry.

  • Hi,

    I started using half milk/half water in my porridge and added a few strawberries. Can't tell the difference. I might try it all water tomorrow.


  • Hmm maybe I should try that! I use unsweetened almond or coconut milk when I have porridge. I'll try it with half water the next time :)

  • I always make my porridge with water only, tastes just as good. I added strawberries to mine this week, not sure i liked it, seemed strange to eat fruit with pancakes, but will persevere.l

  • pancakes should read porridge!

  • I don't have milk at all and find it know real difference from having milk- I add a pinch of cinnamon and a tspn of vanilla extractas well as fruit- banana, apple or nectarine which I add to porridge before cooking it- lovely

  • oops meant no difference in taste!!

  • I sometimes just soak the oats overnight in water and have them uncooked in the morning :)

  • Almond milk is nice in porridge too unsweetened one very few calories and good for you

  • I always go to the upstairs loo now, and run up and down the stairs. Quite a few times a day now that I'm drinking 1.5 litres of water :o ...xx

  • I've also started making myself wait for breakfast and lunch. I'll do a few more jobs or go for a walk. I'm in charge, not the clock and certainly not my hunger...xx

  • Well done you, I live in a bungalow so can't do stairs but I like the idea of not watching the clock for mealtimes.

  • I put lemon juice on my tuna with a smidgen of mayo instead of all mayo. Tastes nicer too!

  • Some great ideas here 😀

  • If I have a slice of brown toast, I spread marmite thinly and it doesn't need spread. When I make a pizza using a wholemeal wrap as the base, I put the pasata on, then the vegetables and only sprinkle a tiny amount of grated cheese in the gaps. I use significantly less. Xx

  • Not weird, but I make a 'skinny' toastie, 2 slices warbutons wholemeal, 55 calls each, 1 slice maasdam cheese , 72 calories, cooked in a toastie bag, no spread, lovely with veg or tomato soup for lunch, it replaces the thick wedges of crusty bread I used to have and saves loads of calories!

  • My weird change is that my shoes are all too big!!! 😁😁😁

  • Hi echoground, love it.

    Imake an omelette without cheese but one smoked macarel fillet cut up, without the skin, very tasty and a great fast breakfast

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