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Utter confusion on types of exercise!

Hi! I've been with you all since October and have finally lost 1 stone. Now I am on week 1 of the structured 12 week NHS Choices weight loss plan, but cannot get my head round the enormous range and type of exercises.

I know that 'aerobic' exercise includes my daily brisk walking over 5 days @ 30 mins per day and I log this on the week 1 table.

But, please, what constitutes the 'strength box to fill in? The 'strength and flex' section is a 'five week running plan', which I'm not up to yet. Should I be doing the (6) X 10 min workouts? Instead of aerobic brisk walking? Or are these 'strength and flex'?

Help please - and good luck to all members of the gang!

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Hello Janeycakebread1 ☺ very well done on losing a stone, that an excellent achievement ☺☺☺ would you like me to update your badge?

I'm not very knowledgeable about exercise but from what I understand it's best to combine several different types. Strength would be using weights or resistance bands, or similar. I have 1lb wrist weights that I use, also wall presses, pull ups against railings, etc. Yoga and Pilates are excellent for this. There is also High Intensity which involves working flat out to really get your heart racing, but for short bursts, 20 or 30 seconds in my case!!!

I hope someone more knowledgeable can offer further advice

Best wishes




Thanks for your much valued help - and yes, please, do upgrade me to the 1 stone lost' badge!

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Lovely shiny new badge ☺ very well done


Hi I am doing the stretch and flex 5 week course- it can be used as part of the couch to 5K programme- but I have no plans to do that I hate running so I am just doing the 30-35mins programmes- you do the same level for minimum of 3 before moving up a level. I do my at home- there are videos you can access if not sure what she means about how to do exercise but she does explain it well with out the need to watch it


That's a really big help- thank you so much for taking the time to help me out! Just love the support this group provides!


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