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Newbie and needing motivation

Hi all, so I've been DYING for months to get into the swing of things with my motivation for weight loss and exercise. My desire and passion have been there but my depression and anxiety have caused it to be difficult for me to believe I can do it and so I just end up laying in bed eating and watching movies!

Help!?!? I'm the biggest I've ever been at 18 stone and I'vendone loads of different diets before. This time, I wanna make a change by doing a healthy lifestyle and so I've been thinking about using slimming world recipes as a starting point - not so much following slimming world rule-by-rule but giving the recipes ango to get me off to a good start.

Does anyone have any ideas what else can help me with motivation??? I currently have two motivations but they still seem to be getting overwhelmed with my doubt and belief of failure. Any help would be sooo grateful as I'm 28 tomorrow and in a new relationship where we have been comfort eating and I don't wanna continue this ! I wanna feel comfortable in my own skin when my partner tells me I'm beautiful and not wanna run away hiding!

Thanks all,

Eve xxx

24th Jan - 18 stone 7lbs (estimation)

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Well you have made a good start by posting on here. I actually follow the SW plan and they have masses of fantastic recipes for all sorts of meals. They also now do a range of SW ready meals (stocked in Iceland) which can be useful if you are in a hurry. The meals are for one but on the packaging they put the recipe to make it yourself but the recipe makes 4 servings.

Keep focused and you will be able to change your life around.

Don't think of it as going on a diet but as a new way of eating to become fitter and healthier. Let health come first and that sexy body you want will follow

Good luck 😉


Hi Eve!

I have a very similar dilemma. I'm so amped and excited to start getting healthy and loosing weight, but with bpd and depression the slightest upset ruins it! All I do is sit and watch Tv until I go to bed.

I really hope you get the advice you need!


Hi ZombieHunter99 and Jessicaann welcome both of you. I know you can lose weight and feel happier but it won't be easy. You will need to show grit and determination and believe that the end result will benefit you much more that eating the junk. I know how easy it is to fail but the difference is mindset, there is no miracle cure for this.

I weighed 23 stone and now weigh almost 19. I lost a stone up until 24th Oct then got serious. I am on a paleo diet which works for me as I am never hungry and I say a complete no to stuff like bread, pasta which is better for me than calorie counting as they left me hungry and feeling deprived. This won't work for everyone, some people here have done it by calorie counting but everyone has done it by sticking of their guns and trying hard.

I have lost 3 stone in exactly 3 months which includes Xmas. Because the weight has come off more quickly I feel motivated to carry on.

I wish you luck, you can do it!! Keep posting regularly and have some self belief. Everyone thought I would fail even me. Now I know there is no way, the benefits of losing weight so far show me I am on the right path. 🤞


Awww thank you. I hope you also get the help you need darling xxxx


Starting a diet and sticking isn't easy and don't believe anyone who says it is !

My husband is similar to you both and he is struggling to find the motivation to go to the gym or do anything... He wants to change but just 'cant' seem to.. .. having never suffered myself from depression I'm not going to say I know that feeling but I have got him moving a bit more by getting him a fitbit and inviting him to group challenges... the difference in him is amazing as he does like a bit of competion. I'm hoping it will give him the motivation to do more as I would like to do the couch to 5k and want him to do it with Me but it's baby steps for now.

He also started on the 16:8 diet which just basically means he only eats within a certain 8hrs.. I. e 12-8pm and then fasts for 16hrs.. this seems to be working for him at the moment as he doesn't have to count or think about it a lot he just knows he can eat within those hours.

good luck with starting your diets and hope you find the right diet that works for you.. and i recommend joining in the weekly weighin's as they as they are a good motivation as well. x


Thank you for your advice! I hope your husband gets the motivation he wants 😊 How do you join in on the weekly weigh ins? Xx


today's weighin is here... healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...


Good morning Everyone you can do it one step at a time. The new year can be good for you. Enjoy your journey. Kind regards George.


I am bipolar and severely depressed as well. I just wonder why we get so much comfort from food and not so much from exercise or the right food? what is it about me that causes me to crave sugar and carbs when I am depressed instead of something that I know is better for me? why do I lean on food instead of people or hobbies or what ever ? will knowing why help me lean on other things instead or am I destined to crave food of any kind in the middle of the night when I wake up all alone and not likely to get "caught" eating junk food or leftovers? help.....

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Yes I know how you feel and I really agree that sugar is a drug the more you have the more you want. I have given up ice cream this week as I used to have this as a low fat pudding (low fat version )but it is full of sugar. I have stopped it for fat free Greek yoghurt with fresh fruit or tinned fruit in own juice I am not missing it at all. I have also downloaded my fitness pal app which is very helpful. I also cannot put a price on the support that you get from this forum.. wishing you lots of luck on your journey 🌝


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