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February foray into fun and fitness - exercise challenge


Hello everyone. How is January going? Are you still enthused and keen or are the January blues starting to kick in...? What you need is a lovely little challenge to look forward to!

On 1st February I will be opening a timed, weekly exercise challenge. We will each be aiming to hit 150 minutes of exercise every week. This can be cardio, strength, stretching, on land, in water, in the garden/house/gym - as long as you are active it can be included. It can be your weekly routine or you might fancy trying something new.

It will run Wednesday to Wednesday and I will attempt to collate stats to put together a top 5/10 leaderboard for those of you keen to push yourselves!

I will open the challenge on the 1st so please add your name if you would like to join so I can add you in. Please post your final total the following Wednesday and I will sort the stats out. Please give the total minutes but feel free to break down as might be nice to see what activities are being done. I will do an example when I open the challenge.

Hope this makes sense!

See you on the 1st Feb...

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ANewMe20171 stone

What a fab idea! Count me in please...xx

Yep please count me in! I might just count running and cycling as I used to for Fizzyliz's challenges, as they're my main exercise routine, and I'm totally suffering with these freezing temperatures at the moment! Time will be a good way to measure them too :)

Yes I've been walking and boy it's chilly! Have buddied up with a couple of mums post school run otherwise pretty sure it would be tea and biscuits in the warm...

Count me in... great idea!


I'm in Newbiewl! Thanks so much for this, it's just what's needed to keep us moving, when it's cold, or raining, or dark! :)


I would like to join as well Newbiew put me down.


Great idea ☺ count me in

Great idea I'm up for it thanks

Have added you all to my list. Come on February - bring it on!

Put me down I'll join in

New here and I'll join please

Claz1 stone

me too please x my fitbit logs all my exercise minutes so should be able to share that easy enough x

Finnberry3 stone

Yes, I'm in

merrymanda2 stone

Sounds good to me

fantastic idea im up for this xx

excellent idea count me in xxx

Decaff1 stone

I'd like to join in please :)

stewieUK3 stone

Looks like lots of ladies are up for this. Can I, a mere bloke, join you all?

TheJuggler in reply to stewieUK

Of course stewieUK ! No discrimination here thank you very much. The more the merrier, always.

innringerRestart May 2020

Can you count me in too please?

Another lovely group of joiners. My list of February Fanatics is growing nicely..

HealthyTanja8kg in reply to TheJuggler

LOL, I thought it said February Fantastics :D

Ha ha - fantastic fanatics maybe?

HealthyTanja8kg in reply to TheJuggler

Hehehe, sign me up for that!

Count me in please - Thanks

Me too please! I need some motivation to move more. I think I'm doing okay until I actually count minutes for the week and it is pitifully low.

Yes, count me in too pls. Thankyou


Count me in it should be good


I'll join in too please so I don't ditch the gym in favour of the settee ...

Cate01Restart March 2020

Hi I am a newbie can you put me down please thanks

great idea. count me in please


Thank you so much for offering to run this Challenge TheJuggler It is brilliant to see a different sort of Challenge being run - and I would very much like to be involved. I certainly need a virtual kick up the ........ of some sort, as I am not putting the effort I know I need into exercising, to go with some of my better eating habits.

I am going to use my Active minutes from my Fitbit, (not the total steps), as I am trying to walk more, and walk more briskly, and start on my C25K at the Gym. Hopefully I will do more than that, but if I declare those two aims, I can be held accountable.

TheJuggler in reply to MissisB

More than welcome. I know, I really need to get moving a bit more. I am currently getting regularly thrashed at football/cricket - any sport really, by my children. Really on a push to see my fitness improve. Hopefully us all giving it a go together will put some good habits in place. Good luck with your plans - they certainly sound like good starting points.

I want to try!

TheJuggler in reply to schuh

Have added you as well. Welcome along.

SlimmingEagle7 stone in reply to TheJuggler

As it is less than a week away now. What are the details?

Hi SlimmingEagle All the details are in the original post right at the top of this page (you may need to scroll up a bit!). I will open the challenge 1st Feb and you then have a week (7 days so Wednesday to Tuesday) to hit 150 mins of exercise. The following Wednesday (8th)post your stats on the thread and I will collate. You then need to do it each week (will end Tuesday 28th). I will open a new week to avoid the challenge posts getting too long and will aim to do a few stats too... Hope this explains it.

SlimmingEagle7 stone in reply to TheJuggler

Got it. Cheers

What a good idea -- please count me in, too.

Hi I'm a newbie could you count me too please.. Thanks

I'd just like to say that this is an excellent idea of yours and the time and effort you will be putting in will no doubt benefit all who participate. It is not so much as trying to better the other person but more so to better your individual time from the previous week. Being active is a key to weight loss and this challenge most certainly helps.

FYI - 150 mins per week on average translates into 15000 steps or 9km or 5.5 miles or a calorie burn of 750 calories which for someone who is sedentary it represents a positive step in the right direction

Step up NEWBIEWL. You deserve a medal.

Ah, thank you. Hoping to motivate myself as much as all of you! I agree that anything over zero is an achievement and if we can move a bit more it's got to be good! Yes, absolutely no pressure to 'compete' other than against yourself and what you can achieve. Very much looking forward to seeing how well we can do. Thanks for the stats SlimmingEagle Always nice to have some context.

Please count me in Newbiewl.

Yes please what a wonderful idea please count me in 😀

Hi count me in please, thanks

nanashonRestart June 2020

Hi count me in to, thanks

I am in! Starting last week, getting in 150+ minutes of exercise has been my new goal so this is a great way to stay on track!

I'd like to join too. Need some motivation

Great! I'm in thank you!

please add me, i am interested

Hi I am a newbie! Please add me too! thanks :)

Count me in please

That's a great idea TheJuggler - I'd like to join you, please!


I need motivation, for 1 Feb, I want to do at least 20 mins daily, to feel good, restart swimming which I love, and an hour's walk, a week I'm retired and struggling to get up!!!and organised, I'm hoping writing this will hold me ti my plan:)

Hi I am wadestreet and love the Febuary challenge had a bad January this will get me on track!!!

RockyHH2 stone

Hi TheJuggler What a great idea! Thanks so much for setting up the challenge. I'd love to take part please.

Hi, this post has given me the motivation to start exercising more. I would like to join, thanks. x

Im in!

hello 😀 I've been around for a wee while but haven't joined in any discussions so far!

I would really like to join the February challenge so please count me in.

happy Sunday. X

Brilliant just what I need count me in please

Welcome all you latest joiners. I'm starting to get quite excited about starting this now. We now have nearly 50 of us signed up which is amazing! I will post the challenge on Monday I think as I work on Wednesday and gives us time to get ready. I will tag you all so you should get notified. Am already starting to plan my week to include as much exercise as possible which is already a positive! See you all next week.

josiero1 stone

Do you have room for one more? Sounds like a great idea and I would love to join in. I'm hoping to combine more exercise into my daily routine but with the short cold days I've not done very well so far!

TheJuggler in reply to josiero

Of course! More the merrier. Will add you to the list.

joanie-o1 stone

Oh yes please! This will be the first time I have joined a challenge, beginning to feel comfortable on the forum. Thank you. x


Can you add me as well- thought I'd have no problems doing the 150mins but this week I am seriously down- with a funeral up north so 2 days of mostly travelling with little opportunity to do a brisk walk and shift pattern and commitments I have not been able to get out much. Mind you despite a falling of the dietary and alcohol wagon last night 2 hours of dancing made up for the lack of exercise the rest of the week! This will help keep me motivated and plan my exercise better- I do my meals but not my exercise


Please may I join this. Thanks.

lizzy65Restart Nov 2019

What a brilliant idea, can I join please xx

Count me in please x

This is my first day posting on this site and I have joined the Sunday weigh-in - would love to join the challenge for February.

Just what I need to get me inspired during the most depressing month. Please add me.

Hi all. Thanks for the interest. I have just posted the first week of the challenge. I will try and tag you all shortly (but that may take some time!!). Welcome along new recruits. See you next week for some exercise updates. Good luck!

Hi all. It's Feb 1st. Get those trainers on. Good luck all and let's see a little less of each other at the end of the month!

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