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Sugar-free sweetener-free drink ideas?


I am trying to avoid sugar and artificial sweeteners for a while. It's leaving me with a problem though - what to drink!

I'm trying to think of some alcoholic drinks for the (very rare) occasions I go out with friends. Is there anything that tastes good with soda water? Am I just wishful thinking?

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gin and soda maybe? It's what I do sometimes

Cooper27 in reply to echoground

Oh my, I haven't had gin in years! I'll buy a miniature and give it a try!

echoground in reply to Cooper27

I like it more than gin and tonic personally! :)

Cooper27 in reply to echoground

I hate tonic water, so anything tastes better in my opinion!

I make a strong batch of herbal or flavoured tea, cool it down and drink it with ice and topped with fizzy water and a slice of orange. I'm not sure it works with alcohol.

Bloody Mary is no sugar. I love it, but I know it's not for everyone.

Put loads of fruit in water/tonic water/soda water, eventually the flavours seep through. Melon, mango, strawberries, limes. For hot drinks try liquorice tea, naturally sweet. Also I've been experimenting with making mulled apple juice. Actually tastes quite nice cooled down with a slice of orange :)

try coconut water for juice, available in most supermarkets, for drinks, it's a hard one. I go for gin and tonic, you can get diet tonic water I think?

Unfortunately tonic water has sweeteners in it, so it wouldn't work. Someone has suggested gin and soda water, I might try that out with lime wedges!

happyhealthyjane5kg in reply to Cooper27

good idea! I might try that myself:)

Argh! Silly autocorrect changed my title to "sugar-coated" - completely different altogether! Just saying it's corrected, in case of confusion!

I drink soda and lemon with or without gin. Sometimes I add a drop or two of Bitters. But I don't know if it contains sugar. It doesn't taste sweet.

I also make some nice waters. I try to have two or three choices in the fridge. Lemon with or without mint, strawberry with or without mint, peach, basil, pineapple, apple with cucimber and lemon.

I take my drinks to every party and I think my friends and family are starting to enjoy them too.

Cooper27 in reply to Ribaka

Bitters sounds interesting! I'm not sure if it has sugar either, but it f it does, it's probably negligible by the time you've diluted it properly.

jopo3 stone

My local serves me soda water, ice and slices of lime and slice of lemon.

I squeeze them to release some juice.

It's lovely 🍸. Probably under 10 calories. :)

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