At last!

Well, I've got back to the pre-Christmas/New Year weight which is great. 10 stone and 7 pounds. Have re-evaluated my aims; now maintaining/very-slow-weightloss #seewhereIendup - which tbh has worked. I want to maintain around here and am intending to target fitness which I am pretty sure will achieve further body change (actual target).

Off on holiday very early tomorrow. Can't wait.

Best of luck to all for end of January. xx


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10 Replies

  • Frankie53 Woo Hoo , well done you!! Have a wonderful will seem like your reward for all you efforts. Enjoy yourself .

  • A great position to be in before your holiday. Have a fab time and enjoy yourself.

    Btw, I am a long term maintainer, usually gain 2-3 lbs on holiday but its no big deal , comes off a few weeks later ☺

  • Have a great holiday!

  • Well done and enjoy your holiday.

  • Well done. Have a lovely time away :)

  • Congratulations and enjoy your hols! :D

  • Thanks for all comments all. There are such lovely people here!! XX

  • Very well done Frankie53 ☺☺☺ have a lovely holiday

  • You need to edit your profile page! "struggling to get through that 12 and into 11s which am desperate to do!" You'll be in the nines soon!

  • That's good news! I probably won't be soon but less obsessed with numbers now. Bizarrely while staying the same weight am changing shape. Smaller waist, less hip, some butt muscle! All good! Thanks for the tip!! Oh, and all with wine! Maybe that's how I could make the nine's .... hmmmm

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