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Week 3 - 12.5lbs Gone

Using my calorie counter each day and recording everything. Even had a couple of Guinness this weekend but stayed within my daily limit. Also started my exercise routine, 5km on the exercise bike then 30 minutes, doing a Hazfit weight routine and free weights. Felt really good. 1.5 lb until a stone has gone. Love this diet program. The Lardometer, is now at 19 packs, 5 short of a case :)

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Woohoo, RockPython! WTG you! It won't be long now, before we can swap your badge for a 1 stone one :)

Keep up the great work, that lard is melting away! :)

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Well done that is fantastic, you'll be over that 1 stone mark before long, and it must be ace that you can diet and have a Guinness for me I can diet and have something sweet like cake (slither) or chocolate (a few squares) yay!


Many congratulations on excellent weight loss! I think you also illustrate the point that several of us make here, that when calorie counting you can eat anything you like as long as you stick to your allowance, and you'll still lose weight.


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